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10 Tips on Precise Driving Comfortable and More Enjoyable

Not everyone can drive comfortably and comfortably. This is mainly due to road conditions that are often congested with vehicles. Yes, traffic jams are often the main cause of people being lazy to use cars. Moreover, not everyone likes driving.

I can understand people who say driving is boring, boring, annoying.

Not infrequently, on the road I observe the people behind the wheel. Some are while opening or typing cellphones, sometimes there are while eating, some are even reading the newspaper plus eating! Haha seriously, that’s the effect of a red light for a long intersection.

Most of the others I saw silent with a face bete or annoyed. A kind of forced and resigned. But what else? At present, driving is important so driving skills are a must have.

Then how can I drive comfortably and more comfortably?

Here we will review 10 surefire tips so that we can drive comfortably and more comfortably. This review is based on personal opinion so there may be a slight difference or lack, please respond!

Let’s just start. Prepare the coffee, hehe.

Plan a Trip

Maybe it’s a classic thing, but it’s necessary. This trip planning is mainly in determining the right time and route to travel. How many options are there? What time is the right time to go? Which route usually gets stuck?

To help determine and plan we are certainly familiar with applications such as Google Map or Waze. It doesn’t take up to 5 minutes to just open and check.

In addition, an application that is no less important is a street CCTV application. Some cities have equipped the main streets with CCTV that we can access through the application in real time. There are applications in the form of websites and or mobile applications. Here we can lurk the condition of road density and which route we should take.

For long distance travel, it is also highly recommended to consider the view factor in the selection of road routes. Sometimes the roads are a bit twisted but the beautiful scenery will be more memorable than public roads.

It’s good we also leave early, because the name rush is ruining all comfort.

Choose the Right Car

Just like a horse, every car has a different character. Differences in specifications such as power, drive wheel layout, weight, wheelbase, and others will determine the nature of the car.

The right car can make all the difference.

If we feel normal in driving. Maybe we have not found and felt a car that was really right for us.

When we have found a car that makes us feel confident and happy, we will be even more excited to drive.

The choice of transmission is also very important. The general logic for comfortable driving, especially in crowded cities is automatic transmission. For some people this is very appropriate for comfortable driving and more enjoyable.

But make no mistake, some others actually think that matic is boring and less challenging. This can make driving even more complicated.

So choose where? Matic or manual ?

Listen to the Right Music

A survey in the UK found that music can affect a person’s driving style. Drivers who listen to rock, hip-hop, or heavy metal are more likely to stalk too close, speed, and have traffic accidents. On the other hand, those who listen to classical or pop music reduce more stress on their car journey. Play a playlist of songs that will lift our spirits and release our minds from traffic jams.

But that does not mean we have to continue to listen to the slow-slow, mellow like. Adjust the mood, our driving time and road conditions.

It is highly recommended to determine the right playlist of songs before starting the trip. Inappropriate playlists or playlists that are outdated will actually make our driving mood too late.

Previously we have reviewed the type of music that is most pleasant to hear in the car . Hopefully it can provide a little reference to update our driving song playlist.

Prepare yourself

Prepare yourself!

Haha, just like anything. The point here is to prepare the condition of our bodies so they can drive comfortably and more comfortably.

Well, what exactly do you have to prepare?

There isn’t much. At a minimum go to the toilet aka defecate first. Can you imagine it, getting stuck in an uneasy position holding a toilet? Don’t let it go

For a long journey, prepare yourself with enough sleep and of course eat and drink enough. This will have a big effect on our mood and comfort in driving. Also pay attention to the clothes we wear. Wear clothes that are comfortable for us to freely move and drive. It is recommended to use shoes in driving. Choose shoes that are elastic enough and the soles are not too thick so we can feel the pedals well.

Sitting Position and Driving Position

Although it sounds simple, driving position is important and vital for driving safety and comfort. Just like other basic things   , driving position is indeed basic but it will have a big effect on driving performance.

Not only driving safety and comfort, driving position certainly affects the speed. With a good position, the maneuvers in driving will be more  smooth , effective and also save energy (efficient). A good driving position will also make us drive comfortably and not get tired easily.

How do you do it? We’ve discussed this in detail and detail here .

Use Car Air Freshener

Why do people wear perfume? To be comfortable and confident.

I once read that fragrance reacts more quickly to people’s memories and emotions. That’s why the smell has a big effect on our mood.

Now imagine our car does not smell nice or even musty. Imagine again the car’s fragrant interior. Certainly more comfortable and makes you feel at home.

Adjust the fragrance that fits our preferences. I myself don’t like scents that are too sweet like vanilla or fruit. I prefer a fresh and calm fragrance. Everyone is different.

Pay Attention to Cleanliness Outside and Inside the Car

Still somewhat connected one theme with the fragrance of a car. Cleanliness also includes factors that affect driving comfort.

Imagine we will go and find our car crumpled. The body and glass are dirty. Rims look like they have run out of rice fields. It must be that our driving mood went down even before we got into the car.

Well, when you open the door and enter the car, it turns out the contents of the car like a broken ship. Inside was a pile of messy things with dusty dirty interiors. Driving with a car like this will make our mood a mess.

Have you ever washed a car in a car salon and after we finished in a clean and fragrant car? It’s delicious right?

Driving Skills and Techniques

Still in line with the selection of automatic or manual. Some people choose matic because it is practical, simple, and comfortable. Some others just feel boring and make you sleepy. Brake gas, brake gas . Monotonous is not it? Well, if we often feel like that, try a manual transmission car.

People like manuals because they have a lot more control over cars. A manual car makes us feel part of the driving system so we feel connected to our car.

In addition, learning the driving technique will further increase the pleasure in driving. There are various driving techniques such as heel and toe, left foot braking, trail braking, rev-matching downshift, and others. Using driving techniques can make our daily car trips more varied and enjoyable.

Enjoy the ride

Driving a car in urban areas must be ready with the consequences. Traffic jams, angkots and motorbikes milling about, cars that suddenly make a sudden turn, and other boredom.

As smart as we are planning a trip, such as time and route. Still, we sometimes have to taste the complexity of the urban streets.

Take a deep breath. Calm down and be patient.

Upset or even angry will not turn the road conditions into smooth. Even speeding slippage is useless, this is dangerous and worsens our mood.

Lemesin wrote, do not fight hehe. Enjoy the trip by shifting the focus of the mind from traffic to pleasant things. It can be a family or beloved girlfriend, our hobby hobby, our vacation plans, and others.

Love our car

The last tip in closing is  love your car.

Simply put for comfortable driving and more enjoyable will be easy to do if we love our car. If we like our car then of course we will be happy and comfortable traveling with him.

For some people, liking or loving a car has become their innate talent. They like to see the shape, the sound, the smell, it’s all about cars.

How do you like our car more?

Look for the right car and really fit what we want. Starting from the look, spec, handling, and features. Also, try to slightly modify the car .

With modification, the car becomes increasingly in accordance with our wants and needs. In addition, modifications make us feel more ownership and close to our beloved car. This is my car!

For the beginning does not need a large-scale modification. We can see this article as a reference for initial modifications.

To be able to drive comfortably we must love, or at least, enjoy driving. We might not be able to do it unless we start learning to love cars.

Thus the review this time. Currently driving a car is a very normal activity and we often have to do it. Like it or not, the complexity of the road does make driving feel boring and annoying.

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