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3 Ways to Prevent a Water Hammer on a Car

Water hammer is a condition in which the car includes a large amount of water so that it enters the engine combustion chamber. The water that enters the large amount of water into the combustion chamber cannot be compressed like fuel oil.

If the car has taken in water, the car’s combustion system will be disrupted and not optimal anymore. In addition, water that cannot be compressed will also hinder the performance of the piston and can cause engine damage.

Dealer Technical Support Dept. Head of PT. Toyota Astra Motor, Didi Ahadi said, there are several ways that can be done to avoid water hammer on the car. Water hammer itself can occur when the driver forces it to break through and through a deep enough flood.

How to Prevent a Water Hammer

We as car owners need to know how high the suction channel of the car is, so that later you can find out whether the car is able to break through the puddle or not. Then, how do you prevent this water hammer from occurring? Check out the full review below.

1. Avoid roads that are flooded with water

The first thing you can do to prevent a water hammer is to avoid roads with puddles of water. With a high stagnant water, it will certainly allow water to easily enter the engine intake. Therefore, as much as possible avoid roads with medium to high puddles.

If you have to go through it, then try to choose a shallower path so that standing water cannot get into the machine.

2. Avoid Heavy Current

Usually after heavy rains come, some parts of the road are flooded with quite heavy currents. So it’s good to avoid the flow of the water flow. There is also a current caused by a large vehicle when crossing, so avoid it as soon as possible.

3. Maintain Speed

When you are forced to cross a flooded road, try to maintain the speed of the car when crossing it. Try to step on the gas pedal steadily and make sure the path is safe enough for the car. By stepping on the gas stably, it will minimize water from entering the vehicle’s exhaust.

Then, what happens when the car is already hit by a water hammer? So the only way is to immediately take the car to the nearest repair shop. Do not let the damage spread to other parts of the machine.

That’s how you can prevent a water hammer on your car. May be useful.

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