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4 Cars With Car Designs That Are Better Than Its Successors

Some car designs do not recognize age. If we pay attention, some older cars also have a pleasing look to date. In fact, some of them are even better than the next generation.

The new one is not necessarily better. Sometimes the old one is even better. Such cases are not uncommon in our daily lives. The same is true of car designs.

Want to know what examples?

Well, in this review we will discuss 4 cars with car designs that are better than its successor. Of course the car that we will discuss specifically for cars circulating in Indonesia alone. We can find it everyday.

Discussing about design will definitely be a bit subjective. So don’t read it too seriously hehe.

Let’s just start.

Suzuki Baleno 1st Gen

This car was first produced in 1995 to replace the Suzuki Esteem. With a 1.6L engine capacity, Baleno competes with Honda Civic Ferio and Toyota All New Corolla.

With a modern exterior and quite large, this car used to be quite popular, especially among young people. Baleno is the most pleasant looking from the back or rear side. Sporty design that bites seen in the curve of the back of the body that seems rounded. 

In addition to the exterior design, the car known as Cultus in Japan has an unsightly interior. The interior is neat and quite elegant. Moreover, the interior of the Baleno pre-facelift whose dashboard design is leaning towards the driver.

Unfortunately, the successor of this car is Baleno Next G and then Neo Baleno has a chaotic design. Both of these successor cars combine the design of the sedan with the design of the MPV. As a result already messed up. The car’s design became abysmally and also added a lot of indentations that did not seem to mix well alias disheveled. Sales of these two cars also plummeted and only briefly circulated in the market. Please just googling the second form of this car.

The latter is the Baleno Hatchback, which went on sale in Indonesia in 2017. Like not looking in the mirror from before, again this car also looks weird. Indeed, the overall body is better. But the face of this car looks very ugly, especially on the headlamp and grill.

Toyota Corolla AE101 (Great Corolla)

This 7th generation Corolla in Indonesia is known as the Great Corolla or abbreviated as Greco. There are also those who call it the Toyota Great. This car has a design that combines compact and sporty. His body looks bigger and curvy than its predecessor, Corolla Twincam. This is what made Greco seem exclusive and modern at the time.

Thanks to the design of the car, this car is still much-loved and is the choice of many people. Apart from the exterior, the engine sector also became an advantage of this car. 4AFE is one of Toyota’s stubborn and easy-to-maintain engines. With a fairly economical fuel consumption, the engine power did not disappoint.

The successor of Greco is the Toyota All New Corolla. The design of this car is far compared to the Greco. The design is stiff, bear, and boring. The sporty and modern aura of the Greco is missing from this car. No wonder the sales were then defeated by the Honda Civic Ferio . Whereas before Greco could bulldoze Civic Genio sales. Currently the All New Corolla, although younger, is the same price as Greco. Not even rare even cheaper.

The next successor, Corolla Altis Gen-1 was not as good as Greco in terms of design. This car looks fat and airy. Somehow I like seeing it similar to the Toyota Vios or Baleno Next G.

 Mitsubishi Lancer CK4

This car is certainly familiar. Previously we have discussed the Lancer CK4 in the review ” 4 Racing-Style Cars That Turns Not Quick “. The car’s body design is very similar to the Lancer Evolutio n so that people often mistakenly call speknya Lancer Evo 4. Though far away, both under the hood and drivetrainnya.

But yes, that’s right, the design of this car is very impressive. As a copy of the Lancer Evolution 4, the Lancer CK4 has a sporty and masculine look that is thick with the aura of racing, especially rallying.

Unfortunately, the successor to this car in Indonesia does not continue the characteristics of CK4. Its successor is the Lancer car called Cedia which is present in 3 generations and 2 types (CS3 and CS5). Both are disappointing. Sports aura is drastically reduced and more inclined to the aura of the executive. But it’s not VIP style, I like to call it “gentlemen executive” hehe. Yes, like Altis Gen-1.

Cedia Gen-2 is the worst-looking generation. The front design, especially on the grill and headlamp, looks ridiculous.

Nissan Cefiro A31

Cefiro A31 is arguably a car with an alarming history. Previously in the 90s, this car was sold in the luxury sedan segment with sophisticated features. Call it like a projector headlamp, suspension with sonar sensor, double shockbreaker, and others. You could say the technology is too sophisticated for that era. Unfortunately, this sophistication then backfired for the sale of this car. High prices and services that can only be in official workshops make many people hesitate to propose to this car.

Its fading name makes this sophisticated luxury car a stranger to many people. Much of his fate is neglected, sold at low prices, and we rarely find anyone on the streets.

Nevertheless, since drifting fever began to enter Indonesia. This car gets a glimmer of new hope. Cefiro A31 is very fitting to be used as a drift car, especially for the starter level . Not only from the price alone. This car spec is very supportive for drifting and modification. This is because the structure of this car has a familial relationship with two JDM sports cars namely Nissan Silvia S13 and Nissan Skyline. So even in terms of body design. Cefiro A31 has an exclusive look but still handsome and sporty.

The successor of Cefiro A31 is A32 or also known as Infiniti I30, Cefiro A33, and then Nissan Teana. The most noticeable change from the successors is the change in RWD layout to FWD and design character. Executive aura stronger from each generation. Not “gentlemen executives” yes. Cefiro is more inclined to executive boss hehe, or yes rather VIP style. But yes, the change from RWD to FWD and the sporty aura that was missing seemed rather unfortunate.

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