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4 Causes of Hot Engine Cars

The cause of a car engine overheating itself there are several factors. Overheat is a term in which the condition of a car engine is at a very high temperature condition due to running out of coolant. Or there is usually a problem with the components in the cooling system.

The Cause Of The Car Engine Hot

If this condition is left for too long, it will cause serious damage. To prevent this, you need to know some of the causes of hot cars. Quoted through the official Auto2000 page, see the full review below.

1. The Radiator Is Damaged

The first cause of a hot car engine is due to a damaged radiator, this cause is a common thing that usually occurs in cars. As is well known, the function of a car radiator is to keep the car temperature stable. When the radiator has a problem, the car engine will also have a problem.

Problems with the radiator itself that can cause a car engine to overheat include leaky radiator hoses, improper use of radiator fluid, and improper radiator circulation.

2. Use of Non-Standard Oil

The next cause of the car engine overheating is the oil that is not in accordance with the standard. Low quality oil has low heat resistance, so it evaporates very quickly.

This makes the car engine experience strong enough friction and causes the car engine to overheat. Therefore, you need to be vigilant if someone sells engine oil at a low price. Better to buy engine oil that is in accordance with the standards.

3. The Thermostat Is Not Working

The function of the thermostat is to work together with the radiator when measuring the temperature of the car. Or it can be said that this thermostat is the brain of the radiator. When the temperature is low, the thermostat will regulate the water from leaving the radiator.

Meanwhile, when the temperature is high, the thermostat will make water into the engine. When this component has a problem, there is nothing that can regulate the flow of water from the radiator to the engine. And of course this makes the car heat up faster.

4. The Cooling Fan Is Not Working

When your car engine warms up faster, then you can check the cooling fan on the car. This is because the cooling fan has a function to suck cold air from outside. So, when this cooling fan is damaged, cold outside air will not be able to enter the car engine.

And this of course causes the engine to heat up more easily. There are several things that cause this fan to be damaged. Among them is the dynamo side that drives the fan. Another reason is the installation of the fan that is upside down, which makes the fan actually suck in hot air.

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