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5 Causes of the Car Cannot Start

To use a car , you need to start it with a car starter. Often it is found that car owners are indifferent to the health condition of the engine components so that the engine breaks down and the car cannot be started.

The cause of the car not being started on its own quite a lot, wreaking havoc on some car components and not always because of the battery problem. Other components that can affect the car not being started are dynamo, battery, gasoline lines, exhausted gasoline, to overheated coils.

Cause The Car Cannot Start

Because a car that breaks down cannot be predicted when and where, of course it will be troublesome if conditions are in a hurry but suddenly mogo. Therefore, find out why the car cannot be started as follows.

1. Having a Spark Plug Problem

The spark plugs that conduct electricity in the engine play a very important role in starting the car engine. Therefore, check the condition of the car spark plugs to see if there is a problem or not. If the spark plug is dirty, please clean it with a clean cloth by rubbing the tip of the spark plug head with a cloth. If it is already damaged, then like it or not you need to replace it with a new one.

2. Check Dinamo and Alternator

The dynamo and alternator are parts of the car that function to supply electricity to the battery. If this component is damaged, it is certain that electricity will not be distributed even though the battery is in good condition.

The problem with these two components is quite difficult to handle on your own, so you need to take it directly to your subscription car repair shop for further examination. Signs of a damaged dynamo or alternator are that the car starts to struggle to start before it breaks down and the electric current becomes unstable.

3. Dirty Fuel Pump

Gas stations can be one reason the car is difficult to start. This fuel pump plays an important role in regulating the flow of fuel in the car. The cause of a problem in this section is usually due to a buildup of dirt and stains. You need to clean this part regularly when you do car service.

4 Problematic Battery

Battery problems are a classic thing that happens when a car is difficult to start. The battery itself is an important component that makes the car live. The main cause of problem batteries is dry battery water and insufficient battery voltage.

You only have two choices, replace it with a new battery or refill your car battery. If you have replaced a new car battery and the car engine still won’t start, then check again on the battery that has been purchased. It could be that the battery you buy is a used battery that has been reconditioned or repaired by the seller.

5. Coil Fault

The last component that causes the car not to start is the coil. A problematic coil usually occurs due to a large loss of electric current to the battery and spark plugs. Due to the loss of the large current, the electric current fails to ignite the spark on the spark plug. To improve this condition, you need to bring the car to the garage to get a more precise handling.

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