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5 of the World’s Best Legendary Car Racing Circuits

Speaking of car racing, certainly can not be separated from the name of the circuit.

It’s on the circuit where the history of racing is created. Various stories about fierce competition, the struggles of racing athletes, an overflow of excitement, disappointment, even death. The circuit is a silent witness of the motorsport drama which is still being discussed by many people.

Imagined right?

Unlike most other sports, circuits are not just venues or venues for matches. Circuits are part of a race match. Athletes must compete talent in conquering circuits where each circuit has different characteristics and challenges.

An understanding of the characteristics of a circuit is a must for every racing athlete. Every direction, turns, sharp turns, climbs, and derivatives become an arena that must be tested with the best performance that every driver has.

Then what is the best car circuit?

In this review we will discuss the best legendary car racing circuit in the world. Things that determine a circuit to be the best and legendary are history, danger, atmosphere and scenery.

Even if it’s not too long, let’s start. Prepare the coffee, hehe.


” Anybody who says he loves The Nürburgring, is because he hasn’t driven there fast enough. “- Niki Lauda

Say the word “Nürburgring” to car enthusiasts and see their eyes sparkle, hehe.

This circuit has long been known as one of the famous and sacred circuits in the motorsport world. So, it’s guaranteed to be included in this review list.

The reason?

Nürburgring is a circuit with the most complete composition of track designs and challenges. With more than 154 turns and the width of the narrow road makes Nürburgring very challenging. The entire Nürburgring track also has a changing elevation structure. The path is not smooth, aka bumpy. Not yet added the number of climbs and derivatives.

Not only that, this circuit has a very long track that is more than 20 km. Try to imagine, driving high speed on a wild track like with a length of 20 km more!

These characteristics make Nürburgring one of the most dangerous circuits in the world. The Green Hell, is a nickname that has long been attached to this circuit. Behind the beautiful and green trees, in it there is a “hell” that has tortured many who dare to try it. There were so many accidents that even death occurred on this “green hell” circuit.

One historic moment occurred in the legendary rivalry of Formula 1 racers between Niki Lauda and James Hunt in 1976. At that time Niki Lauda had a terrible accident at Nürburgring that made him very close to death. The accident left Lauda with serious burns and poison gas poisoning. However, thanks to rivalry and extraordinary dedication, Niki Lauda returned to compete only 6 weeks after the accident with conditions that have not fully recovered.

The track design and the complete characteristics of the Nürburgring also make the car manufacturers make it a test place for their cars. From city cars to sports or exotic classes, many have been tested for performance on this circuit. Not only that, producers often compete in lap time and display the results as one of the selling points of a car. Nürburgring has become a patent benchmark for car reliability.


” The most beautiful corner in the world. A corner of speed, passing, and commitment . “- Fernando Alonso

Spa-Francorchamps or often abbreviated to Spa, is a circuit with characters such as roller coasters. This is because this circuit is dominated by descent and grade at high speed.

The spa is designed with speed in mind . This circuit does not have many sharp turns or turns. This is what makes the drivers will often flat-out alias gaspol . The turns aren’t that sharp so the racer only slightly raises his right leg and sometimes even remains flat-out . It is this character of speed that often makes the Spa known as the guts or mental race circuit. The one who raises the right foot, he will be followed by the brave flat-out . Most turns in the Spa are traversed at speeds of more than 290 km per hour! Can you imagine the horror? Not surprisingly, many people refer to the Spa as the Belgian version of Nürburgring.

One of the most interesting turns in the Spa is Eau Rouge. This is one of the legendary turns in the world of car racing. Even Fernando Alonso called Eau Rouge the most beautiful turn in the world. At this turn, the car will turn uphill very quickly. Formula 1 acceleration at this turn can reach 4.4 G. What is it like 4.4G? The pull of the supercar car is 1.2G, even the astronauts on the shuttle take off have a pull of 3.2G. Now this is 4.4G!

The incline at Eau Rouge has an elevation change of 40.8 m. Almost the same as a 12-storey high building or 28 cars piled. Coupled with high speed, imagine what it’s like to turn Eau Rouge? Feel like a Roller Coaster!

Horrified again, Eau Rouge is often a place to catch up with drivers. How thrilling!

In addition to the trajectory of the trajectory, Spa is also famous for its beautiful natural panorama. The surrounding area is beautiful and soothing hills. But the weather in this area is known to be unpredictable. This also adds to the challenge of car racing at the Spa.

Just like Nürburgring, Spa is also known as a high speed circuit that has claimed many victims. The most famous is in 1960 where two Formula 1 racers, Chris Bristow and Alan Stacey died within 15 minutes. Previously, a racer named Stirling Moss also suffered a severe accident at the practice session .

Circuit de Monaco

” Riding a bicycle around your living room ” – Nelson Piquet

Monaco is one of the street circuits, which means public roads are transformed into a racing circuit. The process of preparing or making this circuit takes about 6 weeks. If the two previous tracks are decorated with trees, Monaco should be surrounded by residential streets and hospitality in the seaside area.

The design of Monaco’s trajectory is of many slopes, sharp turns, and most famously, narrow road widths. These characteristics make it one of the most challenging circuits in car racing. Monaco is also known as a circuit which is generally less secure than other circuits in Formula 1.

The slowest turns on this circuit have a maximum speed of 48 km / h, while the fastest turns can reach 260 km / h. In Monaco there is also a popular tunnel area because this is where the roar of racing cars will be more tunable to be heard. In addition, this tunnel is also one of the fastest areas so the car will cross it at high speed.

This tunnel area is a difficult area. The racers will feel the change of light from light to dark then bright again. Driving at high speed with changes in light requires concentration and rapid eye adaptability. Moreover, out of this tunnel racers have to do hard brakes to turn. This is where accidents often occur.

As mentioned before, Monaco is famous for its narrow width of roads. The dividing wall will be very close to the car. Coupled with sharp turns and changing elevations, this leaves no room for mistakes. Even a small mistake can make a racer quit the race or even have a fatal accident.

The narrowness of the road also makes overtaking or overtaking difficult to do. Therefore, the grid position and the pit strategy are two important factors in determining the victory in this circuit.

Monaco GP is one of the “Three Crowns of Motorsport” (Triple Crown of Motorsport) which is a prestigious achievement or achievement in the career of a car racer.

Circuit de la Sarthe

” Le Mans’ is the only racing movie that is totally realistic. “- Jenson Button

Le Mans. Surely you know or at least have heard?

24 Hourse of Le Mans or often abbreviated as Le Mans is a car racing event where the match is conducted non-stop for 24 hours. Yes yes, this game is the match of endurance racing (endurance racing) of the oldest in the world, held from 1923.

Le Mans is one of the world’s most prestigious motorsport events. Like the Monaco GP (and Indy 500), Le Mans is included in the  Triple Crown of Motorsport . The Three Crowns of Motorsport is a proud career achievement for every world-class racer.

We can imagine, 1 or 2 hours of car racing has drained energy and sweat. It’s 24 hours full non-stop! Le Mans is a match that tests racers, teams and machines to the limit. For 24 hours we have to compete in high-speed races, car engines that keep on roaring and teams that keep on standby for 24 hours. Brutal!

If my car is used by Le Mans, maybe 24 hours later it will be battered and not like a jambret beaten by the mob hehe. Or even just a quarter of an hour already battered, because of hit hahaha.

Back to topic .

For decades Le Mans has inspired many other similar 24-hour races throughout the world. Call it like in Daytona, Nürburgring, Spa-Francorchamps, and Bathurst. Imagine how sacred and prestigious this racing event is.

Well, the Circuit de la Sarthe is the birthplace of Le Mans.

This circuit has witnessed the drama of Le Mans from the beginning until now. How the story of struggle, excitement, disappointment until death occurs.

With a length of 13.6 km, the Circuit de la Sarthe is one of the longest circuits in the world. Not to mention the design which is dominated by long straight making it a place of high speed racing . Just imagine, 85% of the lap time on this circuit is spent with full throttle aka gaspol! Really test the driver’s concentration and engine endurance.

Formerly, this circuit was really crazy. The average high speed is 367 km / hr. Even in 1988 a maximum speed of 407 km / h was reached! Really horrified!

Due to safety considerations, the FIA ​​requires that the alignment should not exceed 2 km. Circuit de la Sarthe also experienced design modifications. Now the average speed is around 250 km / hour.

Anyway, there’s more to Le Mans madness. Earlier it was mentioned that the length of this circuit is 13.6 km. Well, want to know for 24 hours what is the total lap and mileage of the car crossing the circuit?

The range is 355 to 397 laps! The range reaches 4,838 to 5,410 km!

Here I want to know where the distance to 5410 km?

The west end to the east end of Indonesia! Yes, it is true that Sabang to Merauke is 5248 km away . Extraordinary!


” Suzuka tested drivers’ strength, determination, bravery and courage. While I was driving the race car here I felt I was something special. “- Ayrton Senna

Now it’s time for us to review circuits originating from Asia, specifically Japan.

Yes, Suzuka It must have been known. Looks like the name of his girlfriend Nobita haha.

This Suzuka has been subscribed to be used by Formula 1, so the name is already familiar, isn’t it. But that’s not all, the circuit owned by Honda is full of history.

Since it was built in 1962, Suzuka hasn’t changed much. The track design is figure 8 (number 8), which is a pretty rare configuration. The path of this circuit flows very well. The combination of high speed and varied turns makes Suzuka become one of the fun to drive circuits for racers.

There have been many compliments about Suzuka, both regarding its layout, characteristics and the atmosphere of the city. Starting from Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Nico Hulkenberg, Valtteri Bottas, Sebastian Vettel to legendary racer  Ayrton Senna , all praised Suzuka. Looks like this circuit is the most favored circuit of the racers. One article about this can be checked here .

So it’s no wonder and it’s clear, Suzuka is one of the best circuits in the world!

Eit, but that’s not all. Even from the historical side, this circuit records the phenomenal history of the world motorsport. Call it like a competition between Ayrton Senna with Alain Prost. Or a dramatic match in 1976 between Niki Lauda and James Hunt for the Formula 1 world title.

The story of building this circuit also has its own story. Initially Suzuka will be built on a flat area, aka the area used for rice fields. Knowing this, Honda’s president and founder , Soichiro Honda became furious and said “What do you think you are doing ?? Destroying rice fields to build racing circuits. “

What Soichiro Honda meant was that food was always a respected priority. Eventually the development project was moved to a mountainous area where it would not disturb rice fields or plantations. Cool, right? hehe

Not only is the trajectory fun, Suzuka is also known as a circuit with various facilities that please the visitors or racers. On this circuit there is also an amusement park like Dufan. This is intended not only as a means of recreation, but so that children can see and recognize car racing from an early age. In addition, Suzuka is also equipped with a water park, hotel, restaurant, hot spring bath, driving school, racing theater, and family camping area. Anyway complete!

Thus the review this time. Actually there are still some other legendary world-class circuits such as Mount Panorama, Laguna Seca, or Monza. But since it’s already too long and I feel bad, the reading actually just feels sleepy, so we just need to finish it.

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