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7 Legendary Racing Cars in World Automotive History

Car racing is an important factor that makes the world of motorsport developing and popular. Whatever its form, whether it’s rally, touring, formula, drag, drift, all have the same soul. Passion, dedication, heat of competition. Car racing expresses strong emotional ties about men and machines.

Imagine how many race cars compete in  the motorsport championship colosseum ? The amount could be in the millions. Now of all that, there are some cars whose presence is very striking and riveting the world.

That is due to several factors. Some are because of his achievements and performance that really dominates his opponents. There is also a result of the uniqueness and or sophisticated technological innovation of his era. Finally, of course, because of the thick historical value in it.

In this review we will discuss 7 legendary racing cars in world automotive history. Actually that is included in the legendary category is still there. 

Auto Union Race Cars

“Supercharged 6-liter V16 Silver Arrows”

Imagine a supercharger engined car with 520 hp power. Widih very frightening is not it? But, this car originated in 1934!

This is an Auto Union race car.

In 1936 our heroes were furiously driving out invaders. Well, in Europe there are precisely in Germany, 4 companies one of which is Audi makes racing cars with fierce specs. With a 32 valve V16 configuration equipped with a supercharger system, the Auto Union racing car can accelerate at a speed of 250 km / hour.

The engine of this car is located in the rear and the front / rear weight distribution is 40/60. At that time, the suspension design was considered a breakthrough masterpiece. At the front the driver sits on the axle while the rear uses a double double wishbone and transverse spring suspension. The car body design was carefully crafted at the German Institute of Aerodynamics to provide both efficient cooling and maximum aerodynamic effects.

In just 2 years, from 1935 to 1937, this legendary race car has won 25 Grand Prix wins in Europe!

However, the dominance and development of this car was then stopped by the onset of World War II.

Come listen to the sound of the V16 engine that is really fresh in this video!

Ford GT40

“The Ferrari killer!”

Aside from its achievements, this race car has a very high historical value. Ford GT.40 is evidence and witness of Ford’s ambition in defeating the dominance of Ferrari at Le Mans.

In 1960, Ferrari dominated the Lemans 24 hour endurance racing championship. Just imagine, Ferarri has been the winner in a row for 6 years from 1960 to 1965!

At that time Henry Ford II had long wanted Ford to be able to participate in the prestigious championship, Le Mans. In 1963, he heard that Ferrari was interested in selling his company. Ford was interested and then reportedly spent millions of dollars on factory inspections and the legality of negotiations. However, when Enzo Ferarri heard that Ford would later ban Ferrari from participating in the Indy 500 championship, Ferarri was angry and canceled the acquisition process. Ford was disappointed and furious about the cancellation.

Ford then ambitiously ordered his racing division to make a car that could defeat Ferarri’s dominance in Le Mans. Working closely with Lotus, Lola, and Cooper, soon the Ford GT40 was born with a revenge mission from Ford.

Not just a mere bluff, Ford GT40 then successfully defeated Ferrari and won Le Mans. Not just once, but 4 years in a row! This car successfully carried out its employer’s revenge mission from 1966 to 1969.

A very emotional and inspiring story!

In the following video we can see how agile and open this car is on the track!


“The leaders in aerodynamics and downforce”

Chaparral is a racing car developed by Hap Sharp and Jim Hall in 1963 to 1970. Both are American Formula 1 racers.

Of the several types developed, the most famous and legendary are Chaparral 2E and Chaparral 2J. Though both of them never won the championship hehe.

So why did it become a legendary race car?

Both of these cars managed to amaze the world with their unique and brilliant technological innovations! Chaparral 2E and 2J have a breakthrough in the car’s ground effect and aerodynamic systems.

Chaparral 2E is the only car that uses a wing alias rear wing as big as gambreng. Very big! Already like clothesline hehe. These wings have been calculated in such a way as to have a downforce effect that helps the car stay stable in high speed turns. Uniquely, this wing can be controlled from the driver’s room. When on a straight track, the angle of the wing can change thereby reducing drag or air resistance. Sophisticated isn’t it? This feature has been encountered in many supercars  now hehe.

Chaparral 2J is even more extreme. This car is shaped like a vacuum cleaner because it is indeed a giant vacuum cleaner! Chaparral 2J has two large fans that function to suck the car so that it reaches the road surface. The resulting downforce is very large even at slow speeds. Extraordinary! Because of this technology, Chaparral 2J is able to accelerate very fast at curves.

Unfortunately both of these cars are banned before reaching their optimal development. In the event of damage or collision, splinters of components from a large wing and vacuum cleaner fan are considered dangerous for other cars.

Want to see how unique this car is, let’s see it in this video!

Porsche 962

“One of the most successful race cars in all time.”

As previously mentioned, the racing competition is an expression of strong emotional ties between men and machines. Like a horse racing, a car is a horse with a different character and soul.

Well one of the tough “horses” of his era was the Porsche 962. This car has passed various types of championships and managed to achieve various successes. The time span is quite long. Porsche 962 is very dominating in various world motorsport events in the ’80s. Even in the mid-90s, this car that could be called an “old horse” was still able to compete and win! 10 years after being created, in 1994 the Porsche 962 won the Le Mans championship for the third time.

A row of victories makes this car a legendary racing car in the history of the motorsport world. Here are some of the championships won by the Porsche 962.

  1. World Sportscar Championship in 1985 and 1986.
  2. IMSA GT Championship four times in a row from 1985 to 1988.
  3. All Japan Sports Prototype Championship five times in a row from 1985 to 1989.
  4. Supercup Series four times in a row from 1986 to 1989.
  5. The Interserie Championship six times in a row from 1987 to 1992.
  6. Le Mans three times namely 1986, 1987 and 1994

How much is that right? Extraordinary!

No wonder, with its alluring achievements, this car must be included in the list of world legendary racing cars.

In the following video we can see a car that now costs millions of dollars.

Audi Sport Quattro S1

audi rally car Awesome Audi Quattro for the guy who wanted a group B Wallpaper

“The speed, the sound, the flames … the beast!”

Ah a car that is already legendary. Surely some of you have been waiting for the Audi Sport Quattro S1 in this list.

This car is one of the legends in the world rally racing world. Not only in terms of performance and achievement, the historical value is also very thick in the history of the world rally.

Audi Quattro is a car that changes the rally with AWD and turbocharger layouts.

Previously the rally was dominated by rear-wheel drive cars aka RWD. At that time, the 4WD system was considered too complex and heavy to rally. Especially when coupled with a turbocharger system. But Quattro proves otherwise. This car is able to defeat and dominate its opponents in various matches.

Want to know how much energy from Quattro S1?

600 hp! You can imagine driving such a brutal car in the condition of a rally track known as an extreme track. Horrified boss!

Amazingly, because the Quattro S1 was considered too fast, the FIA ​​then decided to open a new rally class / group to place this car. Yes yes, the Quattro is the cause of the emergence of the group’s legendary brutal rally, Group B . This is where the monsters rally with fierce specs fighting which involve various accidents and even death. The charm of the rally when it was so thrilling to be able to surpass the popularity of formula 1!

Look at how ferocious this monster competed in Group B rally in the following video. Not to mention the sound of the engine and turbo that makes goose bumps goose bumps!

Mazda 787B

“The legendary rotary hero.”

” Brappp brappp brappp brappp brappp brappp brappp “

The voice must have been imagined when he heard the word Mazda 787B. The distinctive rotary engine sound is enchanting and is the main characteristic of this car. Similar to the Quattro S1, this car also includes a car that is very popular in world car racing.

Not only the uniqueness of the rotary engine alone, the 787B became a legendary racing car because of its achievements in winning the Le Mans 1991. This car was the first Japanese car to win the prestigious Le Mans world championship. In addition, this car had become the only Japanese car that succeeded in the championship. 787B is called the Japanese hero and the pride of Asia.

Until after all this time, namely 27 years later, in 2018 Toyota won the Le Mans with the  Toyota TS050 Hybrid .

The uniqueness of the engine and achievement is what makes the Mazda 787B the world’s idol. Whereas in the beginning, this car was an underdog, aka not so championed to be able to win. This is because the rotary engine which is known to be less reliable.

However, this car is able to prove the opposite. The 787B rotary engine consists of 4 rotors capable of spewing 700 hp. This is very large considering the weight of this car is only 800 kg! Actually this car can reach power of 930 hp and 10,500 RPM redline. However, this setup is not used when racing to maintain engine stability and durability.

The distance traveled when this car won the 24 hour Le Mans 1991 was 362 laps which meant 4932.2 Km!

Want to listen to the beautiful rotary sound of 787B? In the following video.

McLaren MP4 / 4


“The most dominant F1 car has ever seen.”

Speaking of dominance in car racing, this car is certainly the king of this category. The McLaren MP4 / 4 is the most successful car in the history of the Formula 1 championship to date.

Imagine, this car won 15 of 16 matches at the 1988 Formula 1 championship. Almost unbeatable! Win, win, win continuously!

That’s not all. This car has become a legendary racing car because it is one of the best known histories in Formula 1. Fierce rivalry 1 teammate between  Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. Both are included in the ranks of Formula 1 racers who are phenomenal.

Even though both of them are teammates, but both of them compete all out. Just imagine of the 16 matches, 15 matches filled by the victory of both of them! It almost often happens when Senna finishes first, the Prost runner-up to 2. Or vice versa. At the end of the championship the total points are both 90 and 87 points. Only 3 points difference! Truly brutal competition and domination!

The only match that was not won by McLaren MP4 / 4 was during the match in Monza, Italy. But even this remains a memorable history. At that time, Ferrari managed to win the match which incidentally took place at home. Moreover, added to the victory occurred 4 weeks after the death of its founder, Enzo Ferrari.

High historical value is still inherent in this car until now! We can see the appearance in the following video.

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