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8 Useless Car Modifications

Car modification is indeed one of the fun things. What’s not fun is maybe when the money is spent, hehe.

By adding or changing car parts, be it interior, exterior, engine, etc., all of them have the aim to make our car according to what we want / need. Whether it’s engine power, appearance, and interior features such as audio and entertainment.

Therefore, the style or tendency of each person in car modification is indeed different. So in the discussion of modification we must try to remain open-minded and the phrase ” your car, your money ” in this case applies.

This review discusses the modification of a car that is not / less useful, especially when viewed from the side of the function compared to the burden (money / energy) incurred.

Back, the affairs of modification indeed returned to their respective personal. This review is just a personal opinion that hopefully can be considered before we will make car modifications.

 Fake Car Emblems

Quite often we see people who install performance car emblems in the hope that their cars will look cool and like sports cars. Or it might be assumed that by installing a performance emblem on a car they would simably increase the engine horsepower.

One example that I see most often is the M3 emblem on a standard BMW car. BMW 3, 4, 5, 6 series have performance versions, namely M Models for each of its series, M3, M4, M5, M6. The standard series and the M series are two very different things. Horsepower, torque, car weight, car body size, bodykit, and others. Comparing a BMW Standard car with a BMW M Series is like comparing apples and oranges.

We have certainly seen BMW cars with M3 emblems. Even more wrong is the series 5 car that installs the M3 emblem which is the Model M for the 3 series .

Oh, there is something even more awesome, which is to put an emblem on the performance of other car brands in their cars. What I often see is the TRD (Toyota) and Mugen or Type R (Honda) emblems in different car brands.

Nobody cares about those fake emblems except people who like cars (car enthusiasts). This is what makes sticking fake emblems useless and even ridiculous, because the only people who pay attention to the emblem know that the emblem is fake.

I once took a car with my friend, then in front of us there was a BMW 3 series car that had an M3 emblem. Of course it’s not an M3 car because it’s clearly a standard BMW 3 series car. Then did my friend yell at me and say ” Wow, there’s M3! ” Of course not! He must have seen (because obviously the car is right in front and the road is jammed again) but he doesn’t care about the emblem. Only I pay attention and ask questions, this is a good car person but why do I have to use fake emblems that make the car a fake car aka M3 KW haha. It could be that in fact he might have done the M3 swap engine, but looking at the percentage of the number of swap engines in us, it’s unlikely that.

So stop making your good car into a KW car by installing fake emblems. Better to be proud of just what it is.

Modification of Lamborghini-style Doors (Scissor Doors)

Scissor door is a car door that is opened vertically upward, more generally we are often referred to as lambo doors because this type of car door is popularly used by Lamborghini.

There is the term ” Work hard till the door of your car opens in a vertical way “. But it isn’t modified either, hehe.

Modification of a standard car with a lambo door will not turn our car into a supercar. There is a Lamborghini wannabe car, aka a car that looks like a lambo haha. So why should modifying throwing away money that actually will only make our car doors become complicated, heavy, and difficult to pass.

Air Scoop / Air Vents

The function of the water scoop is to provide a supply of cold air into the engine room so that the engine gets oxygen-rich cold water to optimize combustion and the end result is to improve engine performance. Usually this air hood is added to a turbocharger engined car that requires a lot of cold air supply to improve its turbo performance.

Another story if the water scoop is only as an accessory or just affixed to the hood, without any access to air into the engine room. Often we see people attach these accessories with the reason to give a racing image to the car. The addition of these accessories in a car such as the Toyota Corolla will not make it into a racing car, which actually makes the car look silly.

This water scoop accessories will actually interfere with the aerodynamics of the car because the air from the front is partially obstructed which will reduce the performance of the speeding car. Or even if it is not strong enough to install it, the water scoop might fly carried by the wind hihi.

Even if we are willing to help the hood so that the water scoop can work according to its function, the actual performance will not be significant if the car’s engine is still a standard engine. Yes maybe the engine will be a little cooler but the horsepower of the car will not increase. Certainly not worth the cost and perforated hood.

Car Wing (Rear Wing)

Have you ever seen a standard car with large wings like a clothesline pole?

Rear wing functions for aerodynamics of the car that regulates the air flowing in the rear when the car is moving so that the air produces downward pressure. This downforce on RWD or AWD cars will provide additional grip on the wheels of the car so that the car will be more stable when driving fast or when turning.

In FWD cars, which incidentally are the type of most cars on the road, the rear wing does not provide significant performance enhancements, because as we know FWD car grips focus on the front wheels so downforce on the rear wheels is certainly less significant.

Even the addition of a careless rear wing can actually reduce downforce, making the car’s aerodynamics disturbed so that it inhibits the car when speeding. Plus the heavy weight of the rear wing would of course even further reduce the car’s performance.

My advice if you still want to use wings, use wing OEM because at least the calculation is factory default. Or if you still want to use a custom one, first build a wind tunnel for testing the aerodynamic wing haha.

Flat Cars

The term flat or close the car to the ground is now increasingly developed in the type of flow, say for example Stance, Hellaflush, Bagged, Slammed, and many other terms.

Before this became a controversial subject, I stated that flat cars are beautiful to look at and certainly more stable to drive. It’s just that we will highlight here more to the usability or functional side because indeed the discussion this article, as explained earlier, is more directed to the function.

A low suspension will reduce center gravity, aka getting closer to the ground, the car will be more stable. The term, the car is humble or down to earth, haha. Besides aerodynamic obstacles of the car when speeding will be reduced compared to cars with high suspension, which of course optimizes the speed of the car. That is the reason why a sports car or supercar has a low suspension alias flat.

It’s just that we need to remember the use of flat cars on our roads which incidentally are often not smooth, lots of slopes, holes, and not to mention that many police are sleeping, this will make it difficult for flat cars to move freely. In other words, the function of the car will be disrupted because of a little bit of sliding, a little bit of bumper asphalt. The intention was to want the car to look cool instead becomes annoyed because the car becomes difficult to drive.

Not to mention how to thin the car carelessly, for example by just cutting the springs can be bad for the health of the legs of the car. Although it is understandable because of the ‘healthy’ way to flatten a car such as modifications using coilover and air suspension, it involves a lot of money, which can be millions, dozens or even up to tens of millions of rupiah.

Although I’ve heard that the friction or damage caused by a car that is too flat instead becomes a matter of pride among lovers of hard-line flat. A kind of proof of their commitment to this flat lifestyle.

Yes, the point is before we decide to blast our beloved car, we better think again carefully, the count both in terms of functional and in terms of wallet hehe. Because it’s like choosing a girlfriend, what looks beautiful isn’t necessarily comfortable.

High Performance Spark Plugs

Often we see advertisements in car shops or repair shops, which offer racing spark plugs that are claimed to be able to increase the performance of our car’s engine. That is not true. Because there are no spark plugs that can raise the horse power of a car engine.

High-performance spark plugs or often called racing spark plugs are special spark plugs for use in modified car engines or high performance sports car engines. Using these types of spark plugs on a standard car engine will not increase the performance of the car’s engine. Even carelessly using spark plugs that are not in accordance with factory recommendations can run the risk of disrupting the performance of a car engine. The spark plug can influence the ECU to read the combustion control timing system so that it can cause the engine to overheat, stall, or wasteful of fuel. Another problem that can arise from the use of inappropriate plugs is engine knocking . The effect can be fatal because it can result in internal engine components such as pistons or crank shafts that are bent or even broken.

Still don’t believe it?

NGK as one of the leading spark plug manufacturers on its official website has explained this error and emphasized that the use of racing spark plugs will not add horsepower. Below is the statement link.



Well it’s clear, the conclusion is that if we are consumed by the marketing strategy of the spark plug manufacturer, then spend money many times on the racing spark plug, the cash will be used for other modifications that have a clearer function.

But I rather wonder why NGK provided an explanation for this error. Even though more and more are wrong, the more profitable because of its many spark plug racing products that buy. Maybe it’s because NGK is kind and likes to save haha. Maybe anyone knows why?

Short Ram Air Intake

Short Ram Air Intake (SRI) is an aftermarket air intake product in the form of a short metal pipe and an open air filter (alias without a box heat shield) that is usually placed close to the engine. Because of these characteristics, the use of SRI is believed to provide more and faster air supply, so as to improve combustion performance in the engine.

However, the various tests that have been used SRI does not show a significant increase in engine performance, even in various other tests showed a decrease in engine performance. This is due to the supply of air produced by SRI will become hot because SRI absorbs air from inside the engine room of the car. In addition, the use of open air filter types that carelessly can run the risk of entering dirty air that is less filtered which is certainly not good for the engine.

The advantage of SRI is that it gives a ‘noisy’ engine sound especially at high acceleration which makes the car sound feel more ferocious. In addition, the short intake pipe spacing will indeed slightly increase the throttle response. These two things have made SRI considered to have the ability to improve engine performance. Yet in the dyno test results as mentioned earlier, the increase was not significant (very small). Even in some other test results actually reduce engine performance.

This is certainly unfortunate because the factory’s built-in air intake in the car has actually been designed and calculated to provide the required air supply both in quantity and temperature. Even in some types of cars such as the Ford Focus Mk1, VW Golf Mk3, Mitsubishi EVO IX, Audi A3, already have an intake system that has air intake far from the engine’s heat source. This is called Cold Air Intake.

Strobe Light and LED Lights

Must have you ever seen a civilian car using strobe light accessories?

The use of these lights not only violates traffic rules but also does endanger other road users. It’s better to just blink. Not infrequently, we encounter cars with strobe lights that are very bright dazzling. Especially if the road conditions are congested or even congested. Eyes guaranteed headache and dizziness!

Believe me, this modification does not make our car look cool. Or also make a traffic jam into a quiet road. That is, along the way our cars will be called tacky and condemned by road users!

For example, we still want to keep using the strobe lights (shock lights) in the style of Morohoshi’s Lamborghini , arrange their placement well. Place the front of the strobe light in / back, not out / forward. In this way, the car looks blazing but not too disturbing people. Although, yes it still violates the traffic rules (and is called tacky) hehe.

Regarding modifications to change the lamp to LED, HID or Xenon. This modification is actually still legitimate. There are still uses. But again, adjust the placement and height properly. Do not let the modifications that we do so that we can see the road clearly, on the contrary, to make harm. Not just other people you know. People who are ‘blinded’ by our lights, can crash into our cars.

Many LED, HID or Xenon lamps made by aftermarket are too bright / sharp. Moreover, it was installed without a highlighting arrangement. In many countries, the use of these lamps in halogen housing or projectors is illegal. Plus the aftermarket LED lights mostly do not have a DOT (Department of Transportation) certificate.

Want to see the road clearly at night. Replace or wash the headlamp that has been blurred. Also use quality window film that is not too dark. I want to be cool in the daytime but the night doesn’t look like a road. As a result, even use bright LEDs that make people blindly blind. Wow.

Excessive Sticker

Yes this sticker is the most inexpensive and practical form of ‘modification’ haha. Its function is also 100% is just an additional visual appearance. With a sticker, the car can be sweetened and provides its own identity that distinguishes it from other cars. Perhaps because of the practicality and low cost, often the use of this sticker is careless.

This sticker is fine, I also put the sticker ko hehe. As long as it’s not messy or excessive, which of course can make our cars look silly. Here are a few examples.

  1. The specific sticker belongs to another type of car

Placing TRD stickers on Honda cars is really the wrong thing to do.

2. Car feature sticker

Put a sticker “Turbocharger” will not make our car have a turbo. Same is the case with a 4WD sticker on a car that is not 4WD, or a Drift-smelling sticker on a FWD (Duh) car.

3. Part Racing Sticker Sponsor

Stick a variety of racing product stickers such as HKS, Greedy, ENKEI, Eibach, and the like. It’s just sticking it on a standard car that none of the product parts are equipped.

4. Using too many stickers

Unless it’s selling sticker manufacturing services, it’s better not to make the car a sticker window.

5. Sticker that Disrupts the Concentration of Other Riders

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