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Assumptions Are Still Trusted When Buying a Used Car

Buy a used car is certainly different from a new car. Buying a new car is much simpler. Choose the brand, model and color, prepare the budget, then come or contact the dealer. Pay and it’s done. We also don’t need to worry about the condition of the car. Of course, a new car is guaranteed and also guaranteed, usually 3-5 years.

Compare with buying a used car.

Often the process is more complicated and requires a long time. Sometimes even months. Starting from searching via various online advertising media, contacting, then checking the car’s survey. Not suitable? repeat searching, contact, then survey.

The process of surveying or checking a car is not short. Knowledge and accuracy are needed. Sometimes you can find a mechanic who can take a survey. Or if you don’t have it, look for a friend who knows a bit of machine. Not yet added test drive, sometimes it must also be taken to the toll road so that it can be tested at high speed.

Everything can get even longer if the car we are looking for is an old / classic car that is already rather rare or when we want a car with a specific color.

But yes, that’s the art.

Now, talking about buying a used car, we often find assumptions that people believe. What assumptions are misleading? Myth ? No, these assumptions are not entirely wrong, but they are also not entirely correct.

So do not let us think of it as a fact. Only then can it be misleading.

In this review we will discuss some of the assumptions that are still trusted when buying a used car. This review is a personal opinion, so just relax, no need to be too serious hehe.

Let’s start, prepare the coffee.

Used Car Doctor

It’s not uncommon to find used car ad descriptions. ” Used car doctor ” or ” Ex doctor “. Sort of being more value that can influence people to trust the quality of the used car.

The car is considered a well-maintained item because of the doctor’s. Is it because doctors often treat their cars? Yes, not necessarily too. If treating patients, haha.

Used car doctors are considered maintained because of the following things.

  1. Good financial. The money is not mediocre too. So surely the service is diligent, do not use KW goods, always service in an official workshop.
  2. Well educated , so you must have read or know a lot about car maintenance.
  3. Doctors are clean and diligent in caring and treating, so the service must be organized according to schedule like taking medicine.
  4. The nature of the doctor is calm, calm, not reckless. Not even the car was brought to speeding or butting up and down. The engine and body are safe.

Logical assumption is not it?

But this is not a fact. So yes it’s not a guarantee. It’s the same. You could even say it has nothing to do with work. There are many doctors who can not treat cars, there are also many people who can treat cars.

Back again to the person like what.

Girl’s Used Car

Now this is the same as a former doctor. We often also find ad descriptions that contain ” used cars for girls ” or ” used girls “. What’s the connection try? In fact, this can be far more misleading than a used car doctor.

Without intending to play down but girls are likely to have less mechanical or automotive knowledge than boys. Little things like oil change, brake lining and such are common for guys, for girls not necessarily understood. That’s why I actually even avoid it if there is a writing used car girl hehe.

Although, in general, girls are nicer than boys. The car will not be used too haphazardly or modified oddly. Anyway the standard. Except for one thing, usually the interior is more “fabulous”.

Ex-Taxi Car

Ex-taxi car? Hearing this most people generally have similar comments. The car is tired, ugly, has many diseases, is not worth it, and others.

But is it really like that?

Tired car? Yes Kilometers of ecstasy cars are usually above 250K and above. Not infrequently also can reach a range of 300 even 400 km!

Isn’t it worth it? Not necessarily.

Try to think about it. We will not get a 6 year old private used car under 80 million. Yes, you can, look for used LCGC, but even then in the range of 90-100 million. In addition, of course, different comfort and prestige with a sedan car.

Cars especially Japanese cars were made with a focus on reliability and practicality. In short, Japanese cars are reliable and tough. So, as long as we buy ecstasy cars in the fleet that do have good routine service rules, it is probable that the machinery and electricity sectors are okay. Use of 5-6 years with routine maintenance, even though the kilometers have hundreds of thousands, the engine is still excellent.

But this does not apply to the legs sector which does have an age. Usually this sector of the legs really must be considered.

So in my opinion, ecstasy cars worthed as long as we choose carefully. How do you choose it? I try to explain briefly.

  1. Check used taxi cars the same as other used cars. There are dozens of tips out there, just googling yourself hehe.
  2. If you need to bring a mechanic. Better pay 100-200 thousand than tar get money out of it many times there.
  3. Must test drive outside the pool. Test also run on the highway to see the condition and performance of the car at high speed.
  4. Do not hesitate. If it’s already the intention to buy, test a few cars. If you need to test 4-5 cars.

Kilometer Numbers on Speedometers

The number of kilometers on the speedometer is often one of the main references in considering buying a used car. Low kilometer cars are certainly tempting with the assumption that the car is rarely used and still fit.

That is why not a few sellers put their speedometer kilometers in their advertisements. ” Low kilometer kilometer maintained cars “. Often this is a reliable teaser, especially for the layman.

Be careful, because now this can no longer be used as the main reference. Fiddling with the speedometer alias change it now has become an easy thing. Want analog or digital, now everything can be changed. This ruse has become a strange thing, especially among rogue used car dealers.

Make no mistake, even personal sellers must be aware of. To change the speedometer we only need to go to the garage that can do this job. The process is only 15 minutes and costs 200 thousand-1.5 million depending on the car.

Even the last service record didn’t help much because often rogue sellers change kilometers according to their last service record. For example, the last service recorded mileage is 40 thousand kilometers, whereas at this time the mileage has become 80 thousand kilometers. Well, the seller changed it to 40,000, a little more, for example to 47 thousand kilometers.

Then how to react?

Don’t eat low-kilometer ads. Speedometer should not be the main consideration in buying a used car. Just make one consideration. Another more important consideration is of course to check the condition of the car real as befits buying a used car. Body, engine, legs and so on.

The Body Is More Important Than The Machine

Ok this one might be vulnerable to debate. Body and engine are certainly important sectors that must be considered when buying a used car. If we choose which one comes first, there will be two camps. One considers the body more important, while the other considers the engine more important.

Which one is true?

In my opinion, the engine is more important.

Many people consider the body more important because the repair must be comprehensive. You can’t do half measures. For example repair and paint, the total can be above 10 million. While the engine can be repaired by installments, gradually correct so it is not too heavy. Mobkas engine repairs were also averaged at around 5 million.

Other reasons based on the body are more visible from the outside. It is easy to get into the idea that a good car is a car that has a ‘smooth’ body condition. This is also reinforced by the reason the car body reflects the care of other cars as a whole. The body is good, the leg machine and the others are good too.

The machine is more important because detecting damage is often not as easy as the body. If we are not careful, we will get a shiny clean car with rough or even dilapidated engine conditions. if you have this it will get worse. Ok the repairs can be paid in installments, but in total the numbers can double the body repair. Especially if you have to add down the engine.

5 million car repairs are correct but this is for scale of ‘normal’ repair (basic) mobkas or repair of old mobkas with inexpensive spare parts. Another story if the repairs here or there or add more cars with expensive spare parts such as European cars .

Again, I would rather the car is rather ugly but the engine is smooth and nice, compared to a shiny clean car but a rough engine. The body is clean, shiny, the engine turns down on the road. Which one do you choose?

Used Cars Not Reliable

This is also one of the most common and widely held beliefs. This is also why many people are willing or forced to credit for the sake of a new car. Money that is actually enough to buy cash mobkas is used as DP to pay for new cars.

The reason? Used cars are at risk, worry a lot of diseases, vulnerable to damage or the like.

The stigma of a used car is prone to damage is not true. Cars are not fragile products that are vulnerable to damage. A car can reach mileage above 100 thousand miles without the need for major repairs. Especially if the maintenance is regular. As long as we are observant and carefully select it, mobkas are more profitable than new cars.

Depreciation is the biggest expense in cars. A new car when we buy it has gone down, the caste has turned into a used car. So right when we bought the car, the price has gone down! In addition, new cars will lose 15-25 percent in their first year. Suppose we buy LCGC for 120 million, multiplied by 20% means we have lost 24 million!

This is compounded by the addition of interest every month if we buy in installments. All that’s left is to count the total lost money.

This depreciation and interest do not feel invisible. Many people don’t understand that they lost 24 million or even more in their first year buying a new car.

Compare with mobkas which if we carefully select it, the cost of repair / restoration standards is generally in the range of 3-5 million.

I will not long discuss the new car vs used car . What is clear is that used cars are not reliable is a presumption that is not true.

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