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Become a Military Police Car in Italy, Suzuki Jimny Appears More Fierce

As one of the iconic vehicles of Suzuki, Suzuki Jimny was recently known to appear more ferocious. This increasingly fierce appearance was not without reason. Suzuki Jimny has now been used as an official vehicle for the military police in Italy known as the Carabinieri. Reportedly, no less than 10 units of Suzuki Jimny have been ordered by Carabinieri to be used when patrolling city roads and outside the city on a semi off-road terrain.

Suzuki itself revealed that it was a pride for Suzuki, because it had been trusted by Arma dei Carabinieri to prepare Suzuki Jimny and Ignis as police operational cars in Italy. Massimo Nalli as President of Suzuki Italy said that the election was a witness to the integrity of the Suzuki brand in the social order in Italy, and gave Suzuki Jimny an opportunity to serve the authorities and the state.

All Suzuki Jimny units used for the Carabinieri have been modified to meet the specifications of the Italian military police vehicle. This modification itself is done by a modification house named Focaccia. The most striking modification is the presence of dual tone paint on the car body. The dual tone paint that is used combines the color of Arma Blue with a white roof which is one of the characteristics of the Carabinieri.

As a partner in charge of military police in Italy, Suzuki Jimny also made several preparations on his car unit. One of them is to provide two-tone sirens. In addition, the bow of the hood of the car also now backlays two nano LED downlights that have a blue backlit with flash and cruise functions that can be used when patrolling.

Then for the mechanical heart itself, this fourth generation Suzuki Jimny unit has no change. This car still relies on a four-cylinder engine fueled by gasoline, with a 1.5 liter engine capacity that can produce an output of 105 PS and torque reaches 130 Nm.

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