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Cars That Often Seen in Unmodified Modifications

As car enthusiasts, of course we often observe cars on the streets. Often we find cars that “seem” abysmally. Whether it’s because of treatments that appear to be neglected or modified appearance style “racing” (sport) that ‘forced’.

In this review we will discuss several types of cars that are often found in these conditions.

The assessment in this review is certainly not absolute, because there are actually similar types of cars that look smoothly maintained or modified nicely. This review is just a personal opinion based on my observations and thoughts, so just read it casually while drinking warm coffee hehe.

This review can hopefully also be taken into consideration if we are going to buy a used car.

Let’s just start.

Honda Civic Genio

The fifth generation Honda Civic, which is often called the Genio, was produced in 1991 to 1995. Although included in an old car, this car has a display that is not time-consuming. The design is quite sporty and compact. Genio has a stylish curve with the hood and the position of the low lights make this car has a fairly modern impression. The front and rear lights are oval shaped so long that they are far from old. Seeing the smooth and clean Honda genio will look very fresh, very fresh.

But unfortunate because of its appearance, this car is often a game of young people / teenagers who want to have a ‘sporty’ car at an affordable price. Especially with the ” JDM ” jargon that makes it a target for JDM-style modifications.

Young people usually lack knowledge of car maintenance and / or often do not have enough money for routine care / service. Understandably pockets of school or college children. The term origin is used, as long as it works. If it hasn’t broken yet, no need to service, hehe. Some others may even be their first learning car.

Besides that, for example, having a budget, young people generally prioritize maintenance or modification of the exterior appearance of the interior compared to the engine and suspension sectors. Back because the engine sector or suspension requires a bigger budget, plus the results of modifications / maintenance are not ‘visible’ from the outside.

This is what makes Genio often referred to as ABG oprekan used cars.

On the streets we often find Genio that has been modified flat or Genio which is quite ‘original’ but the condition seems neglected. Whether it’s dull paint, bumpers that are not tight (possibly crashed) or leak on some of its body. Although we find a Genio that is clean and smooth (recently painted), sometimes I am personally pessimistic about this car. Lest the inside is used by young kids.


This car used to be our national car. Although this car is actually a Kia car.

From my observation, this car is the car most often found in unclear conditions. It is not clear what means when the condition is not obsolete, this car is often over-modified that looks tacky. Whether it’s custom bodykit style Need for Speed , rear wings, and or racing style stickers.

Anyway, what I observe is that Timor often has colorful wheels. Whether it’s gold, bronze, blue, red or green.

Sticker, colorful alloy wheels and rear wings seems to have become a mandatory modification list for some users of this car hehe. Some of the photos I found on the Internet even have Lamborghini-style scissors doors .

No wonder if I later make a review of ” The Most Riced Car in Indonesia “, this Timor car will certainly be included in the nomination hehe.

I don’t find original Timor cars or sweet modified cars. Even if there is an original look, usually the exterior condition is quite outdated. It seems that users are not very interested in the car alias only use it as a means of transportation.

In my opinion, this car has a design that is difficult to modify its appearance in the direction of sportiness / racing. Because the appearance of the car is very conservative and flat. Modifications to the sport / racing look will only make this car seem forceful and ridiculous.


The E36 is the 3rd generation of the BMW 3 Series which was produced in 1990-1999. With a slightly larger body appearance than Japanese cars in the same era, this car has a handsome impression. This is reinforced by the typical European curves and a large wheelbase.

As an entry level luxury sedan, the E36 is a luxury car of its era. Especially with the attached BMW badge, adding to the impression wow for this sedan.

At present E36 is worth around 45-75 million. Indeed, like most other European cars, the selling price of the return has fallen somewhat compared to Japanese cars. This makes the E36 into the category of sedan cars that can be obtained at a fairly affordable price.

Indeed, when compared, the E36 is not as bad as the two previous cars. I still quite often see E36 that looks well maintained and modification is cool in the eyes. Although for me this car is the same as the Genio, it is quite clean and the paint is smooth and it’s also nice to look at.

Even so, it’s not uncommon for me to see E36 with conditions that seem chaotic.

My prediction is the same as the case with Genio, where young people who lack knowledge or financial are sufficient to manage their cars. Especially in E36, that could be even worse.

As mentioned before, even though this car is an affordable car, but for the spare parts and other maintenance, the story goes. Just like other European cars, the spare parts are more expensive (and stronger / more durable) than Japanese cars. Same is the case with the service costs. In addition, this car is not just any serviceable by ordinary workshops, must go to a workshop that is familiar with the engine and maintenance of European cars. Therefore, we often encounter special workshops BMW or other European cars.

The result is that you want to style by buying a BMW car, when you want maintenance or service and find the price is expensive, finally looking for ‘cheap’ solutions in a workshop that is not fully familiar with BMW’s engine or maintenance.

Toyota “Vios”

I give quotes because actually the car we are going to discuss is not Vios, but Limo or Vios Taxi.

As soon as I saw the Vios car that was crumpled or neglected, I immediately suuzon (hehe), “Don’t tell me … this is a limo” (voice of dubbing soap opera).

Maybe having a Vios car is ‘miserable’ right there. Must keep clean. If it’s dirty or creepy, you might think Limo.

The Toyota Limo is a Vios car designed and manufactured specifically for the Taxi fleet. In short the minimalist version of Vios. The engine is the same as Vios but the ECU has been setup specifically for fuel efficiency, so the name is also for taxis. So it seems the power is lower than Vios.

This car after serving in the taxi company will retire and be sold to the public, after previously being painted (iyalah) as a normal non-taxi car. Taxi companies usually offer “upgrade” packages to Vios by installing Vios emblems, power windows, and more.

But no matter how “upgraded” it is, this car is still a Limo taxi car. His letters were still written Toyota Limo.

Then what’s wrong with this used car Taxi?

Like a taxi, this “tired” car is already in a state of intensive use. Even though the maintenance history is scheduled, it will definitely reduce costs. His name is also a business car that will be auctioned later.

Vios imitation car is pretty much found in disguise on the streets. Distinguishing is indeed rather difficult, must see the interior and dashboard. But sometimes the quality of the paint repaint is also visible.

Uniquely, to cover himself as a used car Taxi. Quite often this Limo car is “upgraded” or completely modified. Starting from the TRD Sportivo bodykit, color combination seat cover, racing wheels to the rear wings. Plus of course the paint is still wet (new).

In fact, from my observation, most Vios users usually rarely modify their cars completely.

Back, when I saw “Vios” such a modif, I immediately suuzon, “Don’t tell me … this is Limo” (the voice of dubbing soap operas again).

Thus the review this time. Again, the assessment of this car is not absolute and is only limited to observations and personal opinions. Car maintenance and modification problems are indeed very diverse and return to their respective personal.

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