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Commemorating 60 Years of Presence in America, Honda Showcases a Number of Attractive Cars at SEMA 2019

Ahead of the famous SEMA event that will be held in Nevada, United States, Honda will later provide an interesting treat at their booth in order to commemorate 60 years of their presence (Honda) in America.

Everything that Honda will exhibit will be a form of 60th anniversary of the founding of the American Honda Motor Company (AHM) in the land of “Uncle Sam”. Honda will show about 10 vehicles that represent the 60s era until the modern era now.

Representing the modern era, two Honda CR-V 2020 will be present, one with a conventional gasoline engine and the other will be a hybrid engine, both of which will be fitted with a variety of accessories that are commonly used when overlanding. In addition, there will be a Honda Passport 2019 spec rally, a Honda Ridgeline and 3 modified Honda Civic Si.

One Honda Civic Si is a work of Honda Tuning made for the Super Street magazine project, this car was made to show how potential the 10th generation Civic was to be modified. The 2018 Civic got an upgraded intake, intercooler, ECU, exhaust system and turbo kit.

The second Honda Civic is the drift spec Civic project created by Jeanneret Racing and Olson Custom Work. It has been converted into a rear wheel drive, a car that has been modified according to Formula Drift regulations has a K24 4 cylinder engine that has a power of 926HP.

The third Honda Civic which is also a project of the Super Street magazine is the 1999 output Civic which has been modified and has won the Civic Si Challenge contest. This car gets a custom body kit, red livery with a fire motif, nitrous system, Momo steering wheel and a pair of racing seats. The budget spent on this project is 10,000 USD.

Then the car that represented the classic era, one of which was the Honda N600. The N600 was one of the cars that Honda brought to America in the late 70s. The unique thing about the N600 brought to SEMA is that the engine is not standard, the engine used turns out to be an 800cc V4 engine from the Honda VFR800. The result is a small car weighing 650Kg which has a power of 115HP.

Another car is the Honda S800 Coupe owned by actor Daniel Wu which has the nickname “Outlaw”. The 1968 S800 was one of Honda’s first successful cars on the market. Still carrying the default 4-cylinder engine that has been restored, the S800 Outlaw has received an additional exhaust system from Greddy. Then for the outside appearance, you can see an additional custom body kit with a wider fender. And to get the impression flat, the suspension was already lowered by about 2 inches.

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