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Driving Technique: Left Foot Braking

The driving technique this time is to brake the left foot. Sounds simple right?

But the truth is not.

This driving technique is a difficult technique to do because it conflicts with our muscle memory . If we are accustomed to braking with the right foot, and the left foot is accustomed to the clutch pedal then the brake with the left foot will be difficult. Especially when braking is done at high speed or when a sharp turn.

So what exactly is this technique for?

Left foot braking is often used in professional car racing, especially in rally racing. This technique limits the use of the right foot which is specialized only for the accelerator and the left foot is assigned to incubate or press the clutch pedal. Thus saving the time needed if the right foot moves from the gas pedal to the brake pedal, in short acceleration can be done faster because the right foot is always on the gas.

Besides this driving technique is also known to better control the transfer of car loads, because as we know the brakes and acceleration will affect the transfer of our car loads. In turbo-engined cars , Left Foot Braking also serves to reduce turbo lag because the gas pedal can continue to be controlled with the right foot.

At the beginning of trying this technique, we will often step on the brakes too deep. In fact, I myself have reached the car completely stopped in the middle of the road haha.

As I have mentioned before, this technique takes time to learn (precisely accustomed to). Maybe it’s like learning to write with your left hand. It takes time for our writing to be neat and not messy. However this technique is quite exciting to learn, so don’t stop trying. It could be because it is normal, right?

If our car is automatic transmission, this technique seems to be able to be adapted more quickly because the left foot will not be dizzy considering the clutch and brake. The left foot can focus on the brake, and the right foot on the accelerator. But yeah that’s possible, I don’t know either, because my car is manual hehe.

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