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Driving Technique: Rev Matching Downshift

Rev matching is a technique of adjusting the gear rotation / transmission to the engine speed (rpm) that is usually used when lowering a gear (downshift). Therefore this technique is also sometimes referred to as the rev match downshift .

Immediately, we review how to do this downshift rev match.

If for example we are going in gear 3 and going down to gear 2, we will do Rev Matching in the following way.

  1. Usually when we drop gear we will first press the brakes especially if we are going to turn. Although this does not always have to be done, for example on a straight / not turn road.
  2. Press the clutch until it’s full with the left foot.
  3. Tap (tap) the gas pedal with the right foot while inserting gear 2
  4. Remove the clutch pedal.

Quite simple, right?

The amount of tap (tap) on the accelerator depends on the speed of the vehicle’s speed which later when it is often practiced will be known by feeling hehe.

The speed of releasing the clutch pedal depends on the type of clutch of our car. If the clutch is racing then the clutch pedal can be released rather quickly but if it is stock / standard it is better to release / lift the clutch slowly.

If we are going down 2 levels, for example from 4th gear to 2nd gear, then rev matching is done twice. bruumm- brummmmm, maybe that’s what the sound will be like later haha.

Then what is the rev matching function?

This technique can reduce the burden on the transmission so that it lasts longer, smoothing & stabilizing the speed of the vehicle, and reducing / preventing load transfer to the front of the car so that the car can go back to the maximum when after the turn.

If we pay attention, racing cars on the track / circuit before turning will surely hear a roar. Now that’s doing a rev matching. Indeed doing a downshift rev matching before turning will make our car like the cars on the racing track haha. Not to mention the adorable voice sensation.

This technique is the basic technique of the advanced technique, namely Heel and Toe. Later of course we will also discuss.

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