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How to Care for the Correct Car Door Rubber

The car door is one of the most important components in a car , its presence is used most often every time you drive a car. The car door area itself has a long rubber list that surrounds the door, this functions as a silencer when opening and closing the door.

Many also make modifications or change their car rubber into aftermarket products. This is done to increase the soundproofing level of the car cabin.

When the door rubber has been used for a long time and has not been maintained, then its function itself will decrease and it needs to be replaced. As for the characteristics of the car door rubber, its performance has been reduced, you can see it from the hard texture and it is no longer elastic.

For more details regarding the characteristics of the door rubber that must be replaced, the first is that the shape has changed to a flat shape. Less soundproof in the cabin, you can hear a windy sound like a whistle. The last thing is that it can be seen from the physical condition that is starting to break down. If these characteristics are visible, then it’s a good idea to replace them with new components to restore their function.

You need to know, when you close the car door and hear the sound of metal clashing, you can be sure that the rubber in the car starts to change shape to flatten. When the rubber door of this car is damaged or damaged, it is certain that water from outside can easily enter the car cabin.

How to Take Care of Car Door Rubber

To help rubber be more durable and durable, when parking, try to find a parking lot that is shaded and not exposed to direct sunlight. This will prevent the rubber from drying out quickly and will last longer.

Then also avoid direct contact with the rubber when getting in and out of the car. Because the rubber that is exposed to touch or friction will make the rubber that is attached to it tear easily.

Get used to clean dirt

You as a vehicle owner need to be diligent in cleaning the dirt stuck to the car rubber. The trick is to wash and clean between the grooves in the rubber. Use clean water to remove the dirt that sticks, or you can use silicone liquid to keep car rubber moist .

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