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In Japan and Europe, Luxury Sedans with Rusty Bodies Become a New Trend

The world of automotive world has always developed over time. Not only in terms of technology embedded in the car, but also in terms of the car body design trends. Recently, there is a car body trend that is attracting attention, especially for car lovers in Japan and Europe, namely the trend of rusty body cars. Some cars that already use this one car design trends include the Toyota Prius and Porsche 911.

The car which appears to be wrapped in rust has not only appeared in Japan, but has also appeared in London, Monaco, and even to Dubai. Actually, the rust texture that looks so real on the car can’t be felt, because on the outside, actually the cars are new cars that are still smooth. This rusty car body is not an old car that really rust, but a new car, then worked with rust design wrapping. But it seems that such a surrealist model has succeeded in drawing the attention of car lovers in Japan and Europe.

In Germany itself, there are also a number of cars whose original designs have been changed to rusty designs, namely the BMW 7 Series and the Mercedes Benz S Class. Then in England, there is a Lexus ES sedan car that is coated with rust wrapping. This car is designed so that it looks rusty on the body, while the front grille spindle and grille black plating design of the grill frame using surreal specifications. Unlike the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes Benz S Class in Germany, this design seems to indicate that the oxidation process that causes rust on the car has evolved as a whole, thereby strengthening the old character of the car.

Then the last is in Monaco. In that country there is a car that is famous for its luxury, namely the Bentley Continental GT which also comes with a similar appearance. The convertible car has a turquoise blue color that is balanced with the rust color so it looks rust naturally.

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