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In the year 2023, BMW will prepare a new car

The development of the automotive industry is now beginning to lead to environmentally friendly vehicles. So BMW began to draw up plans for the coming year. Like launching a new type of electric car. In 2023, BMW will prepare a new car.

Reporting from detik.com (08/01/2020), there will be 12 electric cars prepared by BMW. Of course that’s a lot of numbers, but if starting from now does not seem to be a problem. Even so, the German car manufacturer has one problem.

If you do not want to reduce the level of comfort of its products, then BMW must have a platform that is compatible with the powertrain model. Indeed, each model has a different powertrain. But the platform must be adjusted if you want to follow the applicable emissions rules.

That way, BMW must develop a special architecture to make it happen. The BMW platform used so far is said to be quite flexible for the next 5 to 10 years. But what can I do, if it has to be converted to electricity then it must be replaced completely.

BMW found it quite difficult to turn gasoline cars into electric cars or plug-in hybrids. To be able to overcome this problem, BMW will update the CLAR (Cluster Architecture) platform next year. That way, this platform can be in accordance with the electric model.

Making an electric car is easy, but the price of batteries that are still expensive is a problem that must be faced. But this does not make BMW just give up. With more and more competitors, of course providing a new car to be a solution to survive.

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