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Lamborghini Morohoshi: From Zero To Underground Hero

The name Morohoshi might not be said to be legendary at this time. Compared to other gangs or car figures in Japan, the Morohoshi or Morohoshi Family are arguably rather youthful. Even so, his popularity has soared especially after being picked up through Youtube videos by Luke Huxham and Maiham Media.

The international stage begins with the video “Underground Hero: Love to Hate Me” made in 2013 and currently has been watched by 3.4 million viewers! After that his popularity continued to increase. In 2015, Shinichi Morohoshi became a character in the famous video game, Need for Speed.

This popularity stems from Morohoshi-san’s uniqueness and courage in modifying his favorite supercar, Lamborghini. In addition, its association with the night world and the Japanese mafia, Yakuza makes its own charm from the Morohoshi style modification image.

In this review we will discuss Morohoshi and his car gang which is often called the Morohoshi Family. There are various things we can take from Morohoshi’s story, especially regarding passion, dedication, and freedom.

Let’s start, prepare the coffee.

The Young Rebel

Various media and circles often mention Morohoshi is Yakuza, or former Yakuza. Criminal organizations in Japan whose business is around the night world and other illegal businesses. However, to my knowledge Morohoshi-san never mentioned he was a Yakuza (or former Yakuza).

During his youth Morohoshi-san worked in the Kabukicho area which is the entertainment district in Tokyo. Fill in this area yaa all night world eg night clubs, love hotels, host / hostess clubs, restaurants, bars etc. Well Morohoshi-san is a big alias to spend his youth in this area which incidentally is the Yakuza area. He stated often associated or doing business with this criminal syndicate. I don’t know what business is.

Morohoshi was also once a member of a Japanese gang of motorcycle thugs, Bosozoku . He likes the eccentric modifications of Bosozoku and of course the loud roar of the motor. Bosozoku generally consists of young people in the lower classes who rebel and reckless semi-criminal. Not a few of them are then associated with the Yakuza or even recruited to become Yakuza.

It all starts at a time when New Year’s Eve. At that time the young Morohoshi-san was still a Bosozoku delinquent. Suddenly he was shocked by a loud roar from afar. Sprint a black Lamborghini Countach with a thunderous exhaust sound! Morohoshi-san was truly amazed and fascinated. He never thought the sound of a car could be so terrible. During this time he has spent tens of millions to modify the exhaust motor. But the Countach’s voice was even more awesome! From there he decided that he had to buy a Lamborghini.

The devil

After 16 years, and after being arrested several times by the police, Morohoshi-san finally achieved what he had long dreamed of. He managed to buy a Lamborghini Diablo. Imagine trying, 16 years old! Sometimes we, or just me, often dream of something and then we are determined, but it won’t take another month to hehe. For 16 years, he has been working for money, until he was arrested several times by the police, to finally reach what he had dreamed of.

Morohoshi who was happy and cheerful then decided to join the Kopdar Lamborghini owner. But to his surprise at the gathering he felt less highlighted. He and his car blend no different from other Lamborghini. Morohoshi-san doesn’t like this. He likes to be different, get the attention and attention of people. He thought of how, and then decided to modify the Diablo.

Morohoshi-san likes things that are eye-catching and sparkling. Blink blink. This is combined with the Modified Bosozoku style and the Darth Vader theme. Diablo Morohoshi style was born!

Initially he had gone to various workshops to fulfill his modification desires. But almost all the workshops did not want to accept it. They were reluctant and refused because they were afraid of driving exotic cars that were very expensive. Even though Morohoshi has brought his own LED and of course a lot of money. Still no one dared to help modify the Lambo eccentric.

Until finally he found a small workshop in Tokyo. They want to help modify Lambo Morohoshi. More powerful exhausts, brightly colored wrap stickers, LEDs everywhere, and of course diamonds.

Zero Fucks Attitude

In the next meeting, Morohoshi-san brought the modified Diablo. But apparently no one likes. No one. Can you imagine, I’ve been tired of modification looking for workshops here and there, spending a lot of money, taking a long time, eh when brought to the meeting of people on ignorance, don’t like it.

But it’s quite understandable. The modified style of Morohoshi-san is something uncommon. Really out of the box. It could even be considered extreme considering Lamborghini is a supercar that is synonymous with elegant and expensive luxury. The Lamborghini owners who generally are entrepreneurs nobody accepts it.

Is Morohoshi-san sulking, annoyed or offended?


Or rather, he doesn’t care what people think.

Morohoshi-san did not give up. He remains patient and persistent in his style. For him the modifications he made were expressions and freedom of fun with the car he liked.

Eventually, Lambo blink blink began to be accepted. People become accustomed to seeing it and become interested in this eccentric style. Some started asking questions to Morohoshi-san. People then found out about Morohoshi-san’s connection with the Japanese night world. They are increasingly interested in this eccentric style of Bosozoku and Yakuza!

When Morohoshi-san bought the Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster and Murciélago Coupe, people’s interest continued to grow. Many asked and looked forward to what Morohoshi’s next modification might be.

Fighting Star

Slowly some people began to be poisoned and wanted to try the Lambo Boso style in the style of Morohoshi. They started asking questions and asked Morohoshi-san for guidance on how to turn Lambo into sparkly and super flashy techniques.

But to be noted, still not everyone can accept the concept of glittering modification in the style of Morohoshi. Especially for traditional lambo enthusiasts or purists. They hated what Morohoshi did by assuming ‘damaging’ Lamborghini.

Morohoshi and his new friends then formed their own community. Morohoshi Family. Its members have now reached more than 100 people!

This community then got an international spotlight after being made a Youtube video by Luke Huxham and Maiham Media. Suddenly they became a heated conversation with the main image of Yakuza Lamborghini or Lambonya the outlaw in Japan. Their popularity continues to increase. In 2015, Shinichi Morohoshi also entered into a character in the famous video game, Need for Speed.

Morohoshi-san inaugurated his own shop called Fighting Star at the end of 2015. Here he sells various kinds related to Lambo bling-bling. Ranging from decoration ornaments, clocks, cell phone cases to women’s bags bling-bling. At this base we can also find various private collections of Morohoshi-san, one of which was his Boso motorcycle when he was young.

But the real purpose of Fighting Star is not just selling accessories or apparels. Morohoshi-san started to make and sell custom aero packages for Lamborghini. He currently sells FRP and aerokit carbon fiber for Aventador, and of course it continues to grow for other Lambo models.

The Underground Hero

Morohoshi has now become an outlaw or Yakuza Lambo icon in the world. Its popularity continues to increase with various appreciations from global car enthusiasts.

On Lamborghini’s 50th birthday, he received an invitation to attend the event. Morohoshi then flew to Italy with his purple Lambo blink. There he rides his Lambo, moans the muffler and even plays the horn on the theme song Godfather! Morohoshi received a positive response with many people cheering while giving a thumbs up.

Lamborghini knew this and said he was not happy with what he was doing. It was then affected by Morohoshi may no longer attend the official Lamborghini event. But he didn’t care, he instead deliberately bought an Aventador 50th birthday series and brought it to Japan to be modified in the Morohoshi style!

Despite the popularity and connections of the Yakuza that he still maintains well, Morohoshi remains known as an open and friendly person. We can find a number of photos and articles where he received car enthusiast tourists who visited the Fighting Star. He also gladly received various interviews and coverage.

At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 event last January, there was chaos at the end of the event. Lambo Morohoshi’s gang is making a fuss or almost fighting with the Liberty Walk car club ! It began with the Lambo Boso crew who brutally revved even though the event was not yet completely finished.

Kato-san aka Wataru Kato the founder of Liberty Walk asked politely to hold back revving because many were in the meeting to close the event. But the Boso Lambo crew, who are outlaw majority, cannot be reprimanded. They are ignorant and even deliberately revving even harder! Make a fuss already. Kato-san was furious and there was a riot. Morohoshi then came, apologized on behalf of his crew and tried to break the heat. Thanks to his respected figure, the two parties finally made peace and the event could be continued closed without continuing riots.

Lamborghini Morohoshi: Why Is It Become Popular?

Why did Lambo Bling-bling Morohoshi-san become something popular and even become a trend or a new style of modification? Why modification blink blink that people might say alay or ricer can be widely accepted? We can see this from the responses and comments of many global netijen car enthusiasts who salute and are interested.

If we think and pay attention again, actually not just because of the style or modification style. Believe me, if the style first appeared not in Japan, or consider for example in Indonesia. Not necessarily the results will be like that. It is likely that blasphemous and sneering appear instead. People are also less likely to be interested in following that style. Moreover, owning a supercar mostly here is a matter of luxury prestige not merely a hobby.

In my opinion there are several supporting factors and reasons.

Japan As a Trend-Setter
This country has long been known as one of the countries producing trends and hobbies. Japan also has long been known as a developed country that is ‘cool’ in the eyes of people. Almost everything related to Japan can be said to rise in rank. Especially in terms of automotive, Japan has long been the center of world modification . It is common for extreme out of the box modifications to be accepted as a new trend when it comes from this cherry country. Just imagine, for example Lambo Blink Blink modif originally from Vietnam or Indonesia or Australia or whatever. People’s reactions are certainly different.

Blink-blink Tokyo
Tokyo as a metropolitan city would be an ‘appropriate background’ for the Lambo Boso. The sparkling city of Tokyo with night lights, tall buildings and nice streets are blending in perfectly, perfectly suited to Morohoshi-san’s style of blink blink. Try to imagine that there is in us, it feels lame and less comfortable. Especially given the hollow roads, muddy roads or flood roads, paddy fields or cassava background. 

Yakuza Style
Although the appearance is sparkling with bright colors like pink, yellow, purple, the outlaw aura from Lambo is very pronounced. Especially after the presence of Luke Huxham’s video which increasingly sets the Yakuza image on the supercar cars. Most people get interested after knowing this Yakuza style. For example there is no Yakuza element, the owner is a normal rich person who dresses up his ‘alay’ car. Maybe not a few people who laugh and ridicule.

Japan is more accustomed to differences
The eccentric things have become common in Japan. Even some even deliberately quirky to stand out alias appear different. Starting from fashion or other hobbies. Even though Lambo Morohoshi was initially not accepted because of his ‘unusual’ style of supercar size, it is likely that his rejection was not excessive. Maybe it’s just ignored, ignored or just getting a forehead frown. There will be no blasphemy or moreover a viral scoff in the mass media. This has indeed become one of the strong reasons why creativity in Japan can continue to develop.

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