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Let’s take a look at this COVID-19 Car Guide and Tips!

COVID health tips may be quite a lot, what about COVID-19 car tips? In this review we will discuss guidelines and tips about cars during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we know, along with the appeal and public awareness to stay home now. Of course, fewer and fewer cars are on the streets, and more and more cars are displayed in garages or in front of houses.

For me, using a car at a time like this is a bit more risky. Indeed, the road becomes quiet and tempting to bring the favorite car step on the gas . But for activities or other needs outside, it doesn’t seem like it.

Look, for example, we go out using a car because there is something urgent, for example the office or shopping for groceries to the supermarket. Now even though we have safety with a mask or even gloves. COVID droplets can be very attached to our bodies. Whether it’s on the sleeves, clothes, pants and others. That is why there are many suggestions, until the house changes clothes washing and bathing.

Well, getting in a car that is actually a small place closed, we have the risk of the droplet falling and being sucked. Especially with the AC wind on. I think it seems a little safer when we ride a motorcycle. The droplet was blown by the wind and we weren’t in a closed place either.

Back, it’s another story when we get out of the house, get in the gas-stepped car to enjoy driving while manasin the car and back home.

Back to topic, in this review our COVID car guides and tips are divided into two parts. Maitenance or car saving tips and car driving tips during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s just start. Prepare the coffee.

Save the Car

Cars that are not used for a long time can easily become infected. Car components consist of thousands of parts and most of them must be routinely operated. If you stay quiet for a long time, then these parts can rust, jam, dry seal, and others which then invite even greater problems.

Therefore, a car that is stored in a long time maintenance is not much different alias the same as the car used. Here are some COVID car tips during the current pandemic.

Gasoline contents
Make sure the gasoline is fully charged. Ideally, it still leaves air, or about two thirds of the tank’s capacity.

Fully filled gasoline prevents rust on fuel and engine related parts. Gasoline will also evaporate and be faster in countries with tropical / hot climates. In addition, of course, we must ensure that the car is ready for use with gasoline available to anticipate urgent matters.

This is one part that is often complained of on cars that are not used. Within a few weeks, the battery’s electrical power will weaken.

We can treat the battery by diligently heating the car. Better yet, it’s not just to heat up the idle but to be taken out just around the complex. In addition, if we want we can invest in buying a battery charger. The price is around 700 thousand-2 million. There is also a small portable 100-200 thousand, but I’m a little doubtful.

If indeed we believe that it will rarely be possible to go out using a car, then we can just loose the cable.

Tire Air Fill
Over time tire pressure can shrink. Make sure all the tires are filled with air and better yet add a pressure of around 5-10psi. Change the routine of the car park position, move forward or reverse a little. Tires that are too quiet do not move for long can affect its shape, especially if the air pressure is not perfect.

Handbrake Handbrake that is too long to use for weeks can make the brake lining off the plate. This is because for too long sticking, brake pads become sticky on drum.

Car Wash Routine
Do not just because not used, the car is left just covered by dust and dirt. Moreover, the car is stored outside. Washing cars regularly helps protect and maintain our car paint.

Use a car

As mentioned at the outset, the use of a car at a time like this is better avoided. It’s better to use a motorcycle. Unless there is an urgent or just out of heat and back home.

Here are some COVID car driving tips during the current pandemic.

Follow the Appeal of the Government
Ok again if nothing is really urgent, no need to use a car. Cars for 4-5 people can only be used for a maximum of 3 people. As for cars with a capacity of 8 people, a maximum of 4 people will be used. Passengers in the back, no one can be in front.

Wash Hands and Bring Hand Sanitizers
The driver and all passengers must wash their hands before entering the car. If you cannot wash your hands, you must use a hand sanitizer. Likewise when out of the car, wash your hands again or use a sanitizer. Not just washing hands, it is better after using a car sprayed with disinfectant.

Use Masks
Keep using masks in the car, especially if the car is a small closed room. Moreover, coupled with wind air from the air conditioner. Besides this mask also protects our hands to touch our nose and mouth.

Clean the Most Touched Car Parts
Some parts of the car are the most touched points. All components of the driver are steering wheels, levers, hand brakes, gears. Other parts are audio buttons, power windows, air conditioners, door handles, and, seat belts.

Clean this part before and after using the car. Cleaning can use a liquid cleaner in accordance with the material, especially the skin. For vinyl and plastic, you can use water and shampoo. Rub with a toothbrush then with a microfiber cloth.

Car Interior Disinfectant
Periodically we have to clean the interior of our car, especially after using it a few times to indulge. Be careful with the use of disinfectants that contain high alcohol ingredients because this can damage the interior, especially leather. Use a special chemical disinfectant / fogging for car interiors. Or other options we can clean manually using baby soap or shampoo.

Thus the review this time.

Corona virus has now infected 3.2 million people in the world with the death of 234 thousand people. However, sometimes staying at home is not the only choice. There are times when we have to go out for urgent matters such as office matters that cannot be done from home or buy food and medicine.

Therefore, not only must we protect the care of our cars that are now rarely used. We must also be able to protect ourselves and our families while driving out of the house in a car.

What do you think about these COVID-19 car tips? Any additions or comments? Stay safe, everyone. Hopefully we are always given protection and health, hopefully this COVID-19 passes quickly …

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