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Let’s Wash Your Eyes at the Clean Culture Event!

As a car enthusiast, watching car-themed videos is an activity that becomes an “entertainer” between our daily lives. In addition, many also get knowledge, ideas, and motivation after watching a car video.

The initial idea of ​​this segment is a video with the concept of ” Video of the Week ” aka weekly video. But restrictions with such a time schedule are likely to make it less flexible.

In each post of this Car Video of course we can also comment on the video, which will add to the excitement of this segment hehe. So don’t hesitate to write a comment ok.

Let’s just start with the first video.

Clean Culture | SoCalSeasonOpener

This video is a car meetup (kopdar) video from the “Clean Culture” event. Located in California, this gathering was attended by various types of cars both JDM, muscle to exotic cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari. All cars in the video are modified cars.

What makes this video interesting is that according to its title Clean Culture, this video contains cool cars that are clean and super clear. It’s right to watch to clean my eyes. Another plus, this video has support for 4K resolution and accompanied by a calm music background that makes it really cozy.

To watch other videos from Clean Culture can be seen here .

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