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Liberty Walk X Fi Exhaust #Car Video

This video sponsored by Fi Exhaust is one of my favorite videos. Supercar cars with modified Liberty Walk-style body kits are displayed beautifully. Not yet added the roar of the exhaust that makes goose bumps goose bumps. Seeing him is like looking at some wild animals that are showing off their charms. Creepy and majestic.

Fi Exhaust is a muffler manufacturer from Taiwan whose performance has been recognized worldwide. Its products are limited to supercar cars and sports cars which are fantastic prices hehe. No wonder indeed, Fi Exhaust offers a very nicely designed exhaust system with high technology. The performance of the Fi Exhaust has no doubt. But, not just performance alone, the roar was able to evoke the sensation of driving that would thrill the soul haha. Anyway the sound is joss!

All Liberty Walk cars use Fi muffler because Fi Exhaust is indeed one of their official partners .

The cars shown in the video are as follows.

  1. Nissan GTR R35
  2. Ferrari 488 GTB
  3. Ferrari F430
  4. Ferrari F360
  5. Lamborghini LP700
  6. McLaren 650S
  7. Maserati Granturismo
  8. Audi R8
  9. Mini Cooper S F56

Strangely, this video does not have many viewers. At the time of this article I wrote, the viewer is only about 56 thousand. Yet in my opinion, this video is one of the amazing car videos. Here are a few reasons.

  1. The super clear cars of the Liberty Walk supercar, hehe .
  2. Blaring Fi Exhaust roar. His voice made the car feel like wild animals.
  3. Nice videography. Watching it makes us like watching an opening from a racing video game.
  4. Musical instruments that stimulate adrenaline.
  5. Video location is in Japan. It’s always fun watching car videos with Japanese locations.

How, interesting is not it?

Let’s just start the video. Happy watching, don’t forget to brew the coffee first.

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