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Looking for Cheap Fast Cars? Come See the Complete List

Fast cars are identical with prices that are certainly appropriate or not cheap. Either it’s a tightly packed original car or a modified fast car. Everything is identical with money. No money no gain . But make no mistake, performance is not always directly proportional to price. Even with a limited budget we can get a car that can satisfy the thirst for speed.

Moment of stay at home or social distancing that is currently rife is actually a very fitting timing for speed worshipers. The road is quiet and free! The number of vehicles becomes very small compared to normal days. Even in some locations, the road is far beyond when the Eid holiday. Kan imagine how driving pleasure of enjoying the streets are stress free .

This is even more enjoyable when we are supported by the yahud performance car. Little gas accelerates kick! Enjoyment of adrenaline is very easy to get at this time.

Then how about this for those who are looking for a fast but cheap car? Don’t worry, in this review we will discuss the complete list. Talk about cheap prices of course the car that we will discuss is a classic used car . Yes old car. These cars are already tight luggage default. From the factory the runway kitchen is equipped with power that can bulldoze modern sedan cars. Guaranteed not to be shy if you want to be pitted.

The reliability problem returned to the condition and maintenance of the car. My advice is, don’t look for something that is too cheap or afraid not to be cheap, it’s cheap.

These cars, according to their castles, are fast cars that are the voracious petrol drinker species. So, if you are still thinking about fuel consumption, you should look for another article whose title is list of fuel efficient cars, hehe.

Let’s just start the review this time. Prepare the coffee first.

Mitsubishi Galant ST (Hiu)

Year: 1996-2006
Engine: 6A13 V6 2.5L
Power: 170 hp
Price: 50-90 Million

Cars that are already familiar with performance. Known as Galant Sharks or some say Galant Whales. This 8th generation Galant is still rather young because it was produced in 1996-2006. Kitchen pacunya V6 engine 6A13 2.5L capacity capable of spewing power up to 161-173 hp!

The price is quite affordable at 50-90 million. With these cheap prices, not only do we get 170hp fast cars, but also sedan cars with a modern premium feel. This Galant Shark has a masculine assertive design with sporty elegant curves. Guaranteed far compared to the achievement of Agya Ayla hehe. Not to mention, the car that entered the era of the 90s has a fairly classy interior. This Galant Shark is undeniably one of the coolest cheap cars under 100 million !

The advantage of Galant Sharks also lies in the potential modification. If you are still addicted to power, you can easily swap machines to the evil version 6A13 aka the Twin Turbo version (6A13TT). The power stock is at 276hp with the potential for modification reaching 400+ hp!

BMW E36 323i

Year: 1990-2000
Engine: M52B25 Inline-six 2.5L
Power: 168 hp
Price: 60 Million

European cars are known to have large capacity engines with more performance compared to Japanese cars which are more oriented on practical and fuel consumption. Of the E36 variants, the 318i is underpowered, aka boyot, the 320i bears, the 323i is the most fitting for the title of cheap fast cars.

E36 began to be produced from 1990 to 2000. For the 323i variant the engine is a 6 cylinder M52B25 inline with a capacity of 2.5L. Power reaches 168 hp!

The problem of agility and enjoyment, no doubt the taste of The Ultimate Driving Machine. E36 323i is praised by many people for the pleasure of driving it. Not to mention the exterior comfort which is quite elegant and modern for 90s era cars.

This classy European fast car can we drive with only 60 million dowry.

The potential for modification is rather limited. With the replacement of the manifold, exhaust and REMAP can reach the range of 200hp. On top of that requires more budget and effort such as oprek offal by replacing camshaft or crankshaft to M54. It seems more responsibility and simpler if we swap all of the machines to M54 or S52.

Mazda Cronos (Capella / 626) 2.5

Year: 1991-1997
Engine: KL-DE V6 2.5L
Power: 174 hp
Price: 20-30 Million

Do you want a sedan V6 engine 2.5L power 174hp only 20 million?

The answer is Mazda Cronos.

This car is one of the best budget for speeding fans with a minimal budget. The price range is only 20-30 million.

Mazda Cronos is the Japanese name for the 5th generation Mazda Capella / 626. This car was produced from 1991 to 1997. Entering Indonesia Cronos has 2 variants. The first with a 4-cylinder FS-DE DOHC 2.0L engine, and the second one that tempts the engine V6 DOHC KL-DE 2.5L.

This fast 90s car is quite sophisticated because it is equipped with ABS system, electric mirror and AC swing. The appearance is arguably ordinary, the body is not boxy, has a rounded but very visible 90s. Even so, people are guaranteed to be surprised to know that this car has 174 hp power! Yes it could be some kind of sleep .

The disadvantage, this car is known to be difficult and expensive for its spare parts. So yes, cars are cheap but they are said to be quite draining and wallet hehe. Some parts can use the stepbrother’s part, Ford Telstar.

In terms of potential modifications, the KL-DE V6 engine can be hybridized with its Japanese sibling, the KL-ZE. By using the KL-ZE cam and head, we can increase the power to 200 hp.

Volvo 740/940/960 Turbo

Year: 1982-1998
Engine: B230FT / ET Inline-four 2.3L Turbocharged
Power: 152-162 hp
Price: 30-50 Million

Remember Volvo, remember tank hehe. But besides that, for this Volvo 90s I was reminded of the mafia haha. This classic boxy and executive form does have the aura of an official or gangster of the old age.

This is actually three cars with different types, but I just put it together so it’s not too long hehe.

All three of these cars include a herd of sleeper car species. Behind the oldskool looks, stored unexpected energy. Volvo has equipped their engines with turbo and intercooler. The turbo system makes this car have an output power of 152 – 162 hp (depending on type). Of course, with these numbers promise a sizable amount of power especially for older cars.

Another plus is that this car is famous for its comfort to drive, no wonder it used to be used by officials or bosses in its time. The interior and exterior appearance also includes quite an antique that is attractive to fans of classic cars. The price of 700 and 900 series is in the range of 30-50 million.

For potential modification, the volvo engine block can withstand up to 300+ hp!

Volvo S40 / S60 / S70 / S80

Year: 1995-2006
Engine: Inline-four / five 2.0-2.5L Turbocharged
Power: 158-170 hp, 200 hp (T4), 247 hp (T5)
Price: 40-80 Million

Again, these four cars are four different types, but I will just unite them again, so they won’t be too long, hehe.

Previously mentioned the Volvo 700 and 900 series used to be used as vehicles for company officials and bosses. Well, the same as this S series, it’s just that this car is relatively younger, namely in the era of the 2000s.

This reinforces that the S40-S80 series is a fast car with guaranteed comfort and safety. The higher the series, the higher the performance and comfort, in this case the S80 is the most exclusive series.

Made with a luxury or executive theme, this turbo car has a dashing and exclusive look. The engine with a turbo system makes this car have a power of 158-170 hp (depending on the series). The price ranges from 40-80 depending on the year and condition.

For S60 and S70 in Indonesia, the T5 variant is often circulated, which is a variant with even more fierce power, reaching 247 hp with a price range of 80 million!

An exclusive car with 240hp power at a price of 80 million is certainly very tempting right? Great!

Toyota Corolla Twincam GTi

Year: 1984-1987
Engine: 4AGE Red Top Inline-four 1.6L
Power: 140 hp
Price: 50 Million

I’ve been talking about a fast car with a big cc engine. Is there a fast car but the cc isn’t big?

Introducing the Toyota Corolla Twincam GTi.

This car is equipped with a 1.6L engine with 140 hp power! With a light weight, the power is able to make the car sped swiftly on the streets. The engine of the Twincam GTi is a legendary 4AGE engine with a red top variant. This machine has long been unfortunate in the world of modification with the title as a cayenne engine. The potential for modification is also quite easy with aftermarket parts and guides in abundant forums.

Twincam GTi is arguably the last performance variant ever released by Toyota Indonesia. Toyota here is indeed issued a TRD variant , but the difference is only in mere sweetener accessories.

The price of this car starts from around 50 million.

Nissan Cefiro A31

Year: 1988-1994
Engine: RB20E Inline-six 2.0L
Power: 140 hp
Price: 20-40 Million

This car in Indonesia is synonymous with drifting . No wonder because this car from its newbie already has a natural talent as a stickler.

That is because Cefiro has a rear wheel system with its 6-cylinder inline RB20E engine blending with 140 hp power! The price is affordable, with 20-40 million, we already have a car ready to tilt on the streets.

The potential modification of Cefiro is very promising and tempting wallet hehe. RB20E is the RB engine that makes this car have a family relationship with the most popular Nissan car, the  Nissan Skyline .

With these advantages, Nissan Cefiro has a relatively easy swap engine option to other RB engines that are powerful and have great modification potential. No wonder then this Cefiro earned the nickname ” Baby Skyline”  or ” 4 doors Skyline “. Sector legs can also use the Nissan Silvia (S13 / S14).

The population of this car is now fewer and fewer. In addition, the popularity of this car in Indonesia as a drift car increasingly makes this car rarely found in original conditions.

Mercedes-Benz W124 300E, E320

Year: 1984-1995
Engine: M104,980 Inline-six 3.0L (300E), M104,992Inline-six 3.0L (E320)
Power: 187 hp (300E), 220 hp (E320)
Price: 40-80 Million (300E) ), 80-110 Million (E320)

In the past when people use this car, certainly people are reluctant. W124 which has a close call Mercy Boxer is not owned by just anyone. The owners are mostly wealthy elites, aka big bosses or important officials.

No wonder the executive’s impression is not only from the outside appearance, but the exterior with wood panels and leather wraps makes the car feel luxurious and elegant.

Problem power, two variants of the W124 can be a mainstay for fast cars. 300E and E320. The 300E 3.0L with a jetronic system is capable of producing 187hp, while the E320 3.2L is already full injection capable of producing 220 hp.

Although it has been a long time since it was originally produced in 1984-1995, W124 is known as a stubborn car. This car is included in the era of over-engineered Mercy where development and quality are really prioritized.

The price for 300E in the range of 40-80 million while for E320 in the range of 80-110 million, depending on the type, year and condition.

Mercedes-Benz W210 E320

Year: 1996-2002
Engine: M104,995 Inline-six 3.2L
Power: 220 hp
Price: 60-180 Million

The successor of the Boxer is W210 New Eyes. So called because in this generation there were drastic changes in appearance, especially the headlamp which is now an oval of 4 pieces.

There are 3 types of engines in this New Eyes, i4 2.3L, 2.4L V6 and the most powerful i6 3.2L found in the E320 type. If I’m not mistaken, this 6-cylinder inline engine is the same as the one on the W124’s E320. Power that was issued was the same that is equal to 220 hp.

This 220 hp big power is certainly in accordance with the big body of the car, the pull down is not yet felt but if it has begun to rise to the top, guaranteed to be scary!

The price of W210 E320 is quite varied, it is said that it doesn’t look at the year or the condition, but what about the sale. The current range is 60-180 million.

Mitsubishi Eterna GTi

Year: 1987-1994
Engine: 4G63 Inline-four 2.0L DOHC
Power: 144 hp
Price: 40-50 Million

In the past, the car was among the idols of teenagers who liked gaspol. Eterna GTi has long been known as a street devil which is certainly due to its popularity when it was as a car racing.

This car is a 6th generation Galant before the Catfish and Shark Galant. Eterna is taken from its Japanese name. Its body design is firmly masculine and sporty. Very boy! This is certainly commensurate with the performance of the 4G63 2.0L DOHC injection engine capable of spewing out 144 hp. The initial acceleration is indeed hampered by a large body but its top rotation is known to be very capable!

Eterna GTi prices are currently at Kisara 40-50 million only. With this budget we can have a 144 hp masculine sedan ready for gasp hehe.

For potential modifications, Eterna can use parts or swap into the turbo version 4G63 (4G63T), the power reaches 276 hp in stock condition!

Mitsubishi Lancer Dan Gan GTi 1.8

Year: 1988-1995
Engine: 4G67 Inline-four 1.8L DOHC 16V
Power: 134 hp
Price: 20-40 Million

Lancer has always been a mainstay lineup of the Mitsubishi sedan series. And Gan is a Lancer which was produced starting in 1988. Amazingly, even though it is an 80’s car, Dan Gan has a body that is not old school, but it looks like the 90’s. Also specifically the type of GTi equipped with a sporty front seat like a racing seat.

And Gan entered Indonesia with 3 variants namely GLX 1.5L, GTi 1.6L and the highest caste GTi 1.8L. For the highest variant using the 4G67 injection engine with 134 hp power! Great huh, fast 80s cheap cars hehe.

When we compare it with eterna, the difference in power is indeed tolerable. However, Dan Gan has a lighter weight than Eterna. This allows the Lancer Gen-3 to be more agile and agile in the initial acceleration.

The price of this 134 hp car is quite affordable, in the range of 20-40 million.

BMW E38 730iL

Year: 1994-2001
Engine: M60B30 V8 3.0L
Power: 215 hp
Price: 75-90 Million

BMW Series 7. Wow, you can imagine an exclusive luxury sedan that is comfortable and comfortable.

E38 is the 3rd generation of BM 7 series. First produced from 1994 to 2001. The appearance of this car is firm and executive. Although relatively old but the design still looks fresh and quite modern. Especially for the facelift version and silver metallic color variants. Sedapp!

As befits the 7 series which is BMW’s flagship for executive sedans, it has the interior luxury and a number of sophisticated features in its time. Digital air conditioning, audio steering control, telephone, satellite navigai, TV, curtain airbags and many more. Some models are also equipped with sunroof and cruise control and even a refrigerator!

Now talk about fast cars. This E38 730iL engine is a V8 M60B30 engine with 215hp power! With this power, a long and large body is not an obstacle for gaspol. This V8 engine can be modified relatively easily by changing the intake and throttle body to a larger size, for example using the M60B40 / M62B44. After that ECU tuning / remap and the result, 250 hp!

The price of the 215 hp V8 executive sedan car is in the range of 75-90 million.

Mazda MX6

Year: 1987-1992
Engine: FE-3N Inline-four 2.0L DOHC
Power: 148 hp
Price: 40-60 Million

We close this list of cars with a 2-door car from Mazda, the MX6.

Of course, the 2-door sedan car has its own prestige compared to the 4-door car that we usually encounter on the streets. Not only looks, but this car also has sport features such as ABS, suspension mode (soft, normal, sport) and also bucket racing seats.

For the kitchen runway sector, you don’t need to worry. This two doors coupe car has power commensurate with its appearance. The DOHC FE-3N 2.0L engine excels in performance slightly above Eterna with 148 hp power!

At first glance the MX6 looks reminiscent of another famous 90s sports car, the Nissan Skyline R32. Haredan 2 door coupe 148 hp cheap price? The current MX6 price is only 40-60 million. Tempting isn’t it?

List of Cheap Fast Cars (Recap)

  • Mitsubishi Galant ST (Shark) 170 hp, 50-90 Million , 1996-2006, 6A13 V6 2.5L
  • BMW E36 323i 168 hp, 60 Juta, 1990-2000, M52B25 Inline-six 2.5L
  • Mazda Cronos (Capella / 626) 2.5, 200 hp, 20-30 Million , 1991-1997, KL-DE V6 2.5L
  • Volvo 740/ 940/ 960 Turbo, 152-162 hp, 30-50 Juta, 1982-1998, B230FT/ ET Inline-four 2.3L Turbocharged
  • Volvo S40/ S60/ S70/ S80, 158-170 hp, 200 hp (T4), 247 hp (T5), 40-80 JutaInline-four/ five 2.0-2.5L Turbocharged
  • Toyota Corolla Twincam GTi, 140 hp, 50 Million , 1984-1987, 4AGE Red Top Inline-four 1.6L
  • Nissan Cefiro A31, 140 hp, 20-40 Million , 1988-1994, RB20E Inline-six 2.0L
  • Mercedes-Benz W124 300E, E320, 187 hp (300E), 220 hp (E320), 40-80 Juta (300E), 80-110 Juta (E320), 1996-2002, M104.980 Inline-six 3.0L (300E), M104.992Inline-six 3.0L (E320)
  • Mercedes-Benz W210 E320, 220 hp, 60-180 Juta, 1984-1995, M104.995 Inline-six 3.2L
  • Mitsubishi Eterna GTi, 144 hp, 40-50 Million , 1987-1994, 4G63 Inline-four 2.0L DOHC
  • Mitsubishi Lancer and Gan GTi 1.8, 134 hp, 20-40 Million , 1988-1995, 4G67 Inline-four 1.8L DOHC 16V
  • BMW E38 730iL, 215 hp, 75-90 Million , 1994-2001, M60B30 V8 3.0L
  • Mazda MX6, 148 hp, 40-60 Million , 1987-1992, FE-3N Inline-four 2.0L DOHC

Thus the review this time

These cars are fast cars that have been born from their luggage. Potential modifications are still very open to boost performance so that it can be even more excited in satisfying thirst for speed.

It’s just that this car is cheap because it is classified as an old engine. Ages dozens can even over 20 years. Of course, the selection of cars must be ensured carefully. Because not only will the performance be drained due to unhealthy car conditions, but money will also be sucked for this improvement.

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