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Mclaren Elva, Expensive Hypercar Without a Windshield

After previously Mclaren had given birth to their masterpiece, Mclaren Senna, recently they re-released a car that was quite surprising. The rumor is this car is no less fast with Mclaren Senna. Mclaren released their latest roadster car called the Mclaren Elva. Elva will later enter the Mclaren series called the Ultimate Series along with P1, Senna, and Speedtail.

The name Elva actually originated from its predecessor, which was produced in 1960, and the latest version still carries its distinctive shape which has no windshield. Old-style Mclaren Elva-style racing cars do not provide roofs, windshields or side mirrors. Even so Mclaren has outsmarted the absence of the windshield with a sophisticated technology called the Active Air Management System (AAMS). This system is what will make the windshield invisible.

This AAMS system will later create a bubble-shaped space that functions like a windshield. This system works by directing air from the front of Mclaren Elva’s nose to the hole in front of the driver. Turbulent air coming out of this hole will lead to the top and then will be forwarded to the back of the car. When the car accelerates, this system will automatically raise additional wind deflectors made from carbon fiber in the hood up to 5.9 inches. The result is the driver and passengers will not feel the wind blowing as the car drove fast.

If the prospective buyer feels this AAMS system still feels less impact, Mclaren will also offer the installation of the windshield as a purchasing option.

Turning to the discussion of the engine, this Mclaren Elva will carry a 4.0 liter V8 engine which can also be found in the Mclaren Senna and 720S. This engine will produce around 804HP of power with a torque of 800Nm. The result is this car can accelerate up to 100km / h in less than 3 seconds, then be able to reach 200km / h in about 6.7 seconds. From this data, Elva is claimed to have been able to defeat Mclaren Senna.

Bringing several performance features with Senna, the car which is planned to be produced only 399 pieces is priced at 1.69 million USD. As additional information, Mclaren Elva is claimed to be the lightest car from the Mclaren hypercar lineup. The plan of this car will begin shipping to buyers in mid or late 2020.

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