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Modified German Car Tuner Company

Speaking of German cars, of course we are very familiar with them through the trio of reliable BMW, Benz and Audi. The topic of German cars is very interesting, especially when we compare it with its heavy competitors, Japanese cars. It feels like discussing German cars vs. Japanese cars is endless.

Both are very reliable chefs. Although the dishes served have a different taste. Approach or mindset of building cars from Japan and Germany can be considered as two opposing camps. For example, Japan is more focused primarily on reliability, efficiency, and cost. Germany pays more attention to impressions (exterior-interior design), comfort and driving experience.

We will not extend the comparison between the two. We have previously discussed it too.

The price of German cars that are more expensive makes their cars a more limited consumption. In contrast to the more populous Japanese cars, aka more markets are everywhere. As a result, information about Japanese cars is certainly more familiar, compared to German cars.

Japanese car tuner ? Chances are people know. A minimum in-house tuner like for Toyota is TRD or Honda is Mugen. Although not a few are also often confused and mistakenly attach the sticker accessories on the car hehe.

German car tuner? It seems that only a few discuss this.

In this review, we will discuss the German car tuner, which has long been known to be good at modification. Because there are quite a lot of them, we will not go into detail one by one. We also won’t include in-house tuners like AMG or BMW M.


Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co. KG abbreviated as Alpina is a company from Buchloe, Germany, which develops and sells BMW performance versions. Although BMW has a BMW M which is the performance division of their car, Alpina has a very strong bond with BMW.

The close relationship began with the development of a dual carburetor for the BMW 1500 in 1962. The carburetor received a very good response from the media and also BMW officials. Alpina then continued to develop the carburetor and also penetrated the crankshaft design. The two car components then become part of the Alpina logo. Their next car managed to win prestigious championships such as Spa 24 hours and European Touring Car Championship .

Thanks to this closeness, Alpina has the blessing to use the BMW factory. Alpina assembles a handmade machine, sends it to the BMW factory for installation on the body, after which BMW sends it back to Alpina which will continue making the handmade car.

The process made the German Government classify Alpina as a separate car manufacturer. Alpina BMW cars are registered and sold under the name Alpina Cars. Nevertheless the Alpina Car can still be serviced at BMW dealers and also still gets a full warranty from BMW. Some BMW dealers also sell Alpina cars.

The difference between Alpina and BMW M?

Both have different ingredients. The most noticeable is that alpina is more concerned with luxury, while M is more about sport / track performance.


In BMW there is Alpina, in Mercedes-Benz there is Brabus . The difference, not only luxury, Brabus is also very focused on power. You could say Brabus is the AMG version on steroids haha.

Brabus was founded by Bodo Buschmann in 1977. He is the son of the owner of a Mercedes-Benz dealer. His name is a child who has a car dealer, Buschmann when he was young, he used a Porsche which he often parked at his father’s Mercedes dealer.

His father did not like this, he also forbade his son to park except for Mercedes-Benz cars. At that time Mercy was known for comfort and luxury. Buschmann who is happy with fast cars decided to modify the Mercedes-Benz to be as fast as a Porsche.

Unfortunately, Buschmann could not find a workshop / company that was able to modify what he wanted. Buschmann also decided to modify his own W116 car. After that he became increasingly interested in modification and wanted to make a workshop / tuner company. Because at that time the company rules must be at least two people, Buschmann invited his friend, Klaus Brackmann to ‘borrow’ his name in the founding of the company. Be Brabus which stands for Brackmann and Buschmann.

Initially Brabus had competed with AMG. But then Mercedes-Benz took AMG to become an in-house tuner. This makes Brabus a unique and free tuner compared to AMG. Today Brabus is a Mercy tuner who is highly respected by his work which often attracts people.

Besides Mercy, Brabus also often modifies Maybach and Smart. They also accept customer orders for modifications to other car brands, as long as the money is just right hehe.

ABT Sportsline

This German car tuning company has been established since 123 years ago, since 1896. ABT Sportsline generally develops other Audi and VW Group cars. Unlike Alpina and Brabus, which started with street modifications, ABT Sportsline started with car racing.

Racing has long been the root of this company located in Kempten im Allgäu, Germany. Innovation and performance have long been a part of their life culture. For generations, this family company has participated in various racing championship events. They are one of the successful motorsport teams in winning various prestigious racing championships in Germany.

It was only in 1991 that ABT Sportsline GmbH was transformed into a bigger headquarters. They then adapted their racing knowledge to mix amazing street performance modifications.

Currently the son of ABT Sportsline CEO Daniel Abt and the Abt team participate in the Formula E world championship.

Ruf Automobile

Ruf is a Porsche tuner. This statement is true but can also be wrong or incorrect. Why? Because Ruf is a tuner company that builds cars from Porsche chassis. Similar to Alpina on BMW but Ruf is even more extreme.

The longer the car he built uses fewer Porsche parts. They design and make almost all parts. In some models even only the chassis is Porsche, the rest are all made by Ruf and even the engine. That is why, Ruf is listed as a separate car manufacturer and its cars are registered as Ruf cars.

So it’s not weird either. Some people might mistakenly think this Ruf is a fake Porsche or an imitation of haha. Even though the performance of these Ruf cars is terrible. Some even remotely wrestle their Porsche from both their performance and achievements! Call it the most famous example, Ruf CTR, also known as Yellowbird.

In a test conducted by the well-known automotive magazine, Road & Track in 1987, Yellowbird managed to cut down other cars such as Ferrari Testarossan and Lamborghini Countach. In another test, Yellowbird managed to humiliate the Porsche 959, Ferrari F40, and Mercedes AMG. Even Yellowbird is a 340km / hour speed breaking record car!

Ruf Automobile was founded by Alois Ruf Sr. in 1939. He was a mechanic who liked to assemble used goods. In the 1950s many people began to enjoy traveling or traveling, Ruf saw this building a travel bus on its own from a Mercedes chassis.

At one point he and his son, Alois Ruf Jr. drove his travel bus until a Porsche passed by them and lost control. The Porsche crashed and was pretty bad. Ruf offered to tow and temporarily store the Porsche in their workshop. A few days later the owner called and offered Ruf to buy the Porsche with the price of a used car destroyed. Ruf was interested and agreed to buy it. It was here that Ruf Automobile’s history began as a reliable Porsche ‘tuner’.

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