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New Generation Hyundai Tucson, Similar to Robocop


Along with the Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS) 2019 in California, the United States car manufacturer from South Korea, Hyundai introduces the latest concept car, Vision T. This sport utility vehicle (SUV) has a futuristic design with a number of curves in the front body, sides , up to the hood.

Although the company has not yet delivered it publicly, it is strongly suspected that the Hyundai Vision T concept car is the brand-new look of the latest generation Tucson. The Hyundai Vision T concept car uses two main design themes namely “Parametric Fantasy” and “Transcendent Connectivity”. Since Vision T is still only a concept car, so there is not much detailed information given by Hyundai.

Referring to the appearance of Vision T, it seems that Hyundai is installing a triangular and trapezoidal front grille grille which can all be opened so that the air flow directly into the engine room. The Hyundai Vision T concept car also has “recessed” headlights where the headlamps are formed elongated with designs made like grille grille. When examined at a glance, surely many people think that the grille grille is elongated and conical to the side of the car body.

On the side of the car, Hyundai creates long sharp lines and wheel curves that are very similar to the latest Santa Fe design. The chrome lines above the car window add to the sweet look of this South Korean SUV. To the legs, Hyundai pair rims with two colors, the braking system uses orange brake calipers. Meanwhile in other parts, seen the Hyundai logo lights up green.


Speaking of the heart pacunya, Hyundai only said that Vision T is powered by a Hybrid Plug-in powertrain. Maybe the technology will be applied to the latest generation of Tucson. One of the highlights of this car, if you are charging the battery, some parts of the exterior will turn blue.

As reported by Paultan, the Hyundai Vision T concept car has quite large body dimensions. The body length of the Hyundai Vision T is 4,610 millimeters (mm), width of 2,025 mm, and height of 1,705 mm. When compared with the current Hyundai Tucson, the Vision T concept car is approximately 5.3 inches longer, as well as the 5.3 inch wheelbase.  

Not only that, it is estimated that this car has a wider cabin and a few inches taller. Just like a concept car in general, if the Vision T becomes mass produced, the design and appearance will not be 100 percent the same as the concept version.

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