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New Hypercar Track Only Teaser Appears From Lamborghini

reviously at an event in Spain, Lamborghini had given an update on their Super SUV, Urus ST-X, following the news Lamborghini also showed a teaser video of a new hypercar car that they were developing. This mysterious car is planned to be officially released in 2020 next year.

The car that is deliberately displayed vaguely in the video is given the tagline “The Purest Track Experience”, so it can be assumed that this car will become a high-performance hypercar that is devoted to racing tracks or even can be just track only.

The Lamborghini motorsport division, Squadra Corsa, again intervened in the development of this mysterious car. According to Motor1.com this car seems to be based on the Lamborghini Aventador in terms of body design. From the video shown, it can be seen at a glance some features such as a large roof scoop, splitter, dual wide intake on the hood, and large spoilers that might rival Mclaren Senna’s rear spoiler size. These components are signaled to use carbon fiber as a basis to cut a few percent of their weight.

Regarding the source of energy is rumored to be using a 6.5 liter V12 basic V12 engine, but later it will produce at least 830HP with NA (Naturally Aspirated) configuration. It is unclear what will be done on this engine, but the total energy expended is capable of reaching 60HP power greater than that produced by the Aventador SVJ engine.

The large power generated will be channeled through a 6 speed Xtrac sequential transmission that rumors will go to the rear wheels. The new mechanical differential self-locking system is also planned to be implemented, this system will make it easier for drivers to adjust the distribution of wheel power according to existing needs.

Reportedly this mysterious car will be produced limited to as many as 40 units.

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