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The Country With the Best Police Cars in the World – Part – 1

Still remember the police car in the game Need for Speed? Enthusiast must be familiar. Black Mustang or Charger Interceptor with a violent face. Large steel grille and bumper with an aura of intimidation make the car even like a criminal car or police car decepticon. Imagine if in real life we look at the rearview mirror and it turns out that this interceptor car was followed from behind, it also feels horror hehe.

Not only Mustang and Charger, there are other cars present in the NFS police fleet. Cool, starting from WRX, Evo, M5 Competition, Exige, C63 AMG and even 918 Spyder and Veyron.

Despite the fact, police cars are not like that. Police cars are generally just daily cars with standard specs. The color is also white in many countries. In Indonesia there is white there is dark ash. Why? Well, the budget factor and the cruel black car certainly look unfriendly. It’s not good to serve the community hehe.

Besides, what if the police car is tight for us? Traffic jams and wasteful fuel consumption. Plus especially, it seems there is also no need to chase criminals using cars. If abroad, we like to see the police chase from helicopters, chasing criminals. Not just in movies.

If here, there are still a lot of officials or their families or who pay.

But make no mistake, in this world there are several countries that have cool police cars. Not just sportcar, even supercar and hypercar !

Its function is indeed for PR alias raising the image of the police who have a strong and reliable fleet. Of course this can convince people to feel calm and safe. Even criminals are reluctant. But in some countries, for example Dubai, this is not just for reputation, given that the country has a large sportcar / supercar population and wide road.

In this review we will review the best police cars in the world. Let’s just start. Prepare the coffee.

United States

As a superpower, of course it’s not just the military that has a competent combat fleet. The police in America have long had a performance car unit in its fleet. Moreover, America is a car-producing country with a large car culture. It’s not funny if civil cars are cooler and speedier while the police are lacking. Uncle Sam’s country is also known for its high crime rate with extensive toll roads and public roads. So it’s no stranger to the police chase car scene covered via helicopter. Can you imagine if the police car is empty?

The most iconic police car with America, of course, is the Dodge Charger. This car has been in the police fleet long enough and has been present in various films.

Dodge Charger Police Interceptor
3.6L Pentastar V6 292hp, top speed 236 km / hr (limited) / 5.7L Hemi V8 370hp top speed 250 km / hr (limited)

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Texas Police. This car was obtained from the drug raids. This Corvette is not an ordinary Corvette, it turns out that after checking this V6 car has been modified with 1005hp power! After being confiscated, this car was not sold but was put into a police fleet.

Tesla Model S

California Police Department. High-performance electric cars began to be presented at the American police unit. The Tesla Model S 2019 comes with a replacement option for the Dodge Charger petrol car. Dual electric motor 794hp, 0-100 2.4 seconds, top speed 262 km / hour.


Although now no longer producing cars, the car scene in Australia is still alive. In fact, this neighboring country has a strong car culture . Many compare it with American or British car culture. Geography with a large land (continent) with a lot of long roads connecting inhabited areas. The rest is desert, swamp or mangrove forest.

A strong car culture and an empty long road will certainly produce speedsters who violate traffic rules. The most popular cars include the Holden Commodore and the Ford Falcon. The police did not stay silent. The Australian police fleet is one of the fleets with the most performance police cars.

Honda Civic Type R. Turbocharged 2.0L I4 316 hp, 0-100 kph 5,6 detik, top speed 272 km/jam.

Mercedes AMG GLE Coupe. V8 twin-turbocharged 585 hp, 0-100 kph 4,2 seconds, top speed 278 km/h.

BMW M5 Competition . Twin-turbocharged V8 617 hp, 0-100 kph 3.3 seconds, top speed 305 km / hour.

Kia Stinger GT . Twin-turbocharged V6 365 hp, 0-100 kph 4.6 seconds, top speed 269 km / hour.

BMW 530d M Sport Package . Turbodiesel 265 hp, 0-100 kph 5.7 seconds, top speed 250 km / hour.

Tesla Model X . Dual electric motor 328 hp, 0-100 kph 2.9 seconds, top speed 210 km / hour.

Volvo S60 Polestar . I6 turbocharged tuned by Polestar 346 hp, 0-100 kph 4.7 seconds, top speed 250 km / hour.

Mercedes-AMG E43 . Twin-turbocharged V6 400 hp, 0-100 kph 4.6 seconds, top speed 250 km / hour.

Lotus Exige Cruiser . Supercharged V6 345 hp, 0-100 kph 3.8 seconds, top speed 276 km / hour.

Holden Commodore SV6 . V8 281 hp, 0-100 kph 5.7 seconds, top speed 250 km / hour.

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