Porsche Make a Pickup Concept Car, So Cybertruck Rivals?

We have long heard and learned that the German car is a Porsche. Porsche has been wrestling in the world of sports cars for a long time since 1931, and successfully won the hearts of consumers thanks to its design and engine.

Porsche itself is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, as we know Porsche succeeded with their very fast sport sedan cars, one of which is the Porsche 911 and 918. In addition, the SUV from Porsche is also not less in demand with their sportscar series.

Along with the development of the era of electric cars into cars that are very futuristic and support a very optimal security, and the strength of the battery’s durability can also be said to be very durable. This is needed because the electric car is very minimal maintenance and easy to maintain, besides that the electric car also has a very kicking acceleration and minimal vibration compared to a piston or rotary engine car.

As we know, an electric car that is very famous and very popular with many people is an electric car from Tesla. And Tesla itself is also currently developing its new pickup car called the Tesla Cyber ​​Truck, and in the demo last year Cybertruck caused a stir in the public because of its extraordinary sophistication and durability.

Even though there was a failure when Elon Musk demonstrated the windshield of a broken car that was easily broken. But the failure did not make the name Cybertruck down, the proof is that many people flocked to order that future pickup.

This makes Porsche think long and want to grow with the times, at this time many rumors say that Porsche secretly wants to follow Tesla’s steps to make a futuristic pickup. Many concept drawings circulated from the Porsche Pickup, and the name of the car was Porsche The Traykan.

When viewed from the design of these outstanding images, the Porsche Traykan has a sleek and sexy form compared to Tesla Cybertruck. And the futuristic impression is very clearly seen with the LED lights that look cool and fierce, and the alloy wheels that are used also look very cool and wide, the bodykit is also very special to be seen up close and from a distance.

This car is likely to have specifications that are almost exactly the same as Cybertruck, or maybe Porsche will also develop its own features for this car, because this car is likely to indeed be released, and is predicted to be mass-produced in 2022.

For the price range still do not know, because this car is still only a rumor and not necessarily Porsche will also make it. But if that does happen, Porsche deserves to win in terms of design and philosophicality.

We also can not know whether this car will be produced in Europe alone or throughout the continent, even rumors circulating this car is only produced very limited. Maybe Porsche just wants to follow the electric car trend or it could be a marketing trick so that the price of The Traykan can soar very high, as Laomborghini makes rare cars, one of which is Sesto Elemento.

From here we can see, all car manufacturers are currently competing to become the leader in the fight in the production of electric cars. This is caused by Tesla which until now dominates the most sophisticated electric car market, we just wait whether The Traykan will appear later in 2022, or is this just a mere rumor.

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