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Power Shifting : Driving Technique

This technique can only be done in a car with a manual transmission. As the name implies, that is shifting or passing a gear, of course it can’t be done in an automatic car hehe.

Power shifting is a technique to move the gear completely without releasing the accelerator. So the gas pedal remains fully pressed when shifting gears. Gearshift here is raising teeth for example from teeth 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and so on. For this reason, power shifting is also sometimes referred to as full-throttle shift.

Detailed explanation as follows.

  1. When the car moves in first gear, the gas pedal is fully pressed until the RPM approaches the redline. Prepare the left hand on the gear and the left foot on the clutch pedal.
  2. With the right foot still pressing the accelerator. Press the clutch fully down with your left leg, put the gear in 2. release the clutch. Perform the gearshift quickly.
  3. Do the same thing with the next transfer, 2nd gear and so on.

It should be noted, when doing power shifting, you should do gearshift before peak power or when just before the RPM approaches the redline. This is done because when the gas pedal continues to be pressed, it is feared that over rev will occur , aka the RPM rotation exceeds the limit on the redline. Especially if the gearshift is done slowly.

The advantage of this technique is that it saves time in shifting gears so that engine power can be used optimally. Usually this technique is used in drag or in straight road conditions.

The use of power shifting techniques is often a debate because many consider this technique to risk damaging the car transmission system. Indeed, if this technique is done incorrectly such as when power shifting is not right enough to insert gears or slow gearshift. Therefore I myself do not recommend doing this technique too often. Yes, once in a while.

Some people argue this shifting power carried on racing cars for a racing car clutch system ( racing clutch ) is designed for heavy usage. In addition it is indeed a racing car, spare part replacement is a very common thing to do. In short, it’s broken, replace it.

Another technique as an alternative to power shifting is speed shifting or sometimes also called quick shifting.

What is speed shifting?

Speed ​​shifting is normal shifting that is done quickly haha.

The difference between power shifting and speed shifting is only a fraction of a second. Especially if our car has been modified with a short shifter, which is a modification to shorten the distance between gearshifts in gears.

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