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Prevent the Breaking Crime of Auto Glass Using the Following Way

The rise of cases of theft with broken glass mode car unsettles the public at this time. Only with a spark plug or ceramic pieces of capital alone, the thieves can already launch the action. They are targeting parking spaces in malls, campuses, rest areas, to hospitals. This gang of thieves is always in groups and divides the roles of each action. There are drivers, executors, and some are in charge of snooping around.

Various kinds of methods are carried out by the perpetrators of the crime in launching the action. The usual way is to break the glass by pushing the helmet, or with the spark plug powder of a car that is trending. It is now rarely done breaking glass with hard objects such as axes or crowbars because it makes a loud noise, and can endanger the culprit.

In addition, using a helmet is also rarely done because even if it does not cause noise, it will be difficult to open if you use good quality window film. Therefore, more perpetrators of crime have used spark plug powder to carry out the action. They often use spark plugs that are given saliva to cool so that when thrown into the windshield is hot and high pressure, the glass is cracked immediately.

The broken glass can then be pushed easily by the perpetrators so that they can take the valuables of the car owner left in his car. For information, they often do the action during the day because of the heat and air pressure from inside the car is high.

With so many criminal cases with breaking the windshield, the public must be careful. So, how to avoid crime by breaking the windshield mode?

First, people are advised not to cover the glass completely when parking. It aims to anticipate unwanted theft crimes. In addition, if you park the car during the day, the windshield must be opened at least 1 cm as a path for air circulation. The perpetrators of theft can not break the glass with broken spark plugs.

Another way is to do double protection for car owners. Like, installing additional sensors, dual alarms, or electrical cut for cars that have not been pinned by the Immobilizer feature in preventing cars from being taken away also by the perpetrators of crime.

Carmudian can also use window film as additional protection on Carmudian cars. Keep in mind, 60 percent of the car is a windshield. It is recommended for car owners to choose window film that is difficult to see from the outside. However, it does not interfere with the visibility of the owner when driving.

To ensure the safety of goods in the car, Carmudian can store valuables in a closed place in the car. Take advantage of closed compartments such as glove box, drawer, or trunk, and also can use the tray cover in the trunk for the owner of the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), or hatchback.

If there is not enough space or closed compartments available, Carmudian valuables can be stored under the seat of the car, or covered with dark objects so that from the outside the car looks faint. In addition, when parking in a public place, the car should be parked in a place that is quite crowded and easily monitored by the owner of the car. Indeed, you should avoid parking in a place far from the crowd or quiet, especially at night. Also avoid parking in a dark place.

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