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Proton Iriz and Persona 2019 are now on the Market

After a series of interruptions and pre-watch PROTON officially on April 23, 2019, it launched Proton Iriz and Persona 2019 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC).

The PROTON B-segment hatchback and family sedan has been extensively refurbished as the 2019 model with improvements to over 300 parts as well as the introduction of its first class smart features.

Proton Iriz and Persona Premium come with smart stereo systems that use eSIM cards and allow users to stay connected to the Internet.

The system also offers music streaming, online navigation and voice recognition applications that can be accessed via a 7-inch touchscreen with full color display and 16GB of internal memory. For added convenience, the system also has mirroring capabilities for Android smartphones.

Just like PROTON’s first SUV, the Proton X70, voice commands are activated via the keyword Hi Proton! where later, users can access the various options available using these voice commands.

The system will also receive regular Over The Air (OTA) updates as new applications become available.

To distinguish it from the previous model, the PROTON Design department has provided comprehensive variations on the Proton Iriz and Persona 2019 exterior design.

Between the two models, the changes to the Iriz are further complemented by the Company’s new look – the Ethereal Bow front grille that was introduced on the Proton X70.

New front and rear bumper, black back decoration, new alloy wheel design and shark fin antenna make Iriz even more attractive.

The design of the Proton Persona 2019 is not as sharp as the Ethereal Bow and Infinite Weave which is PROTON’s new identity.

Also matched to this family sedan model is a new boot spoiler, new front and rear bumper design and a more attractive alloy wheel design.

Here are the prices of Proton Iriz and Persona 2019:

Here’s a summary of the findings from the Proton Iriz and Persona 2019 short test sessions at the Shah Alam Proton Test Circuit:

  • Exterior design more in harmony with the entire body of the car
  • The combination of analog and digital meters makes both models look modern with a simple, easy-to-read design
  • New interior color scheme that provides a fresh and up-to-date atmosphere
  • An advanced voice command system with Hi Proton greetings!¬†which makes it easy for the user to use the bare minimum
  • The sound is more intimate
  • The engine and transmission operations operate in harmony and quiet for the segment
  • Stable during acceleration and at highway speed limits
  • Strong driving and handling in line with Proton’s reputation in this area
  • Great overall package!

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