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Romps with the Police #Car Video

Highway 2 C63 AMG VS Swedish Police Best Chase

In this car video, we can watch the police who are bullied by the act of a driver who invites chase. Why is it bullying? because the police are really overwhelmed and can’t chase him.

Obviously because the car driven by the video owner is a Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 model . This car has a fierce engine that is a 4.0 liter V8 Biturbo which is capable of producing power of 510hp. With high acceleration, it only takes a few seconds until the car is far from the police car chasing him.

Victims of the stubbornness of the driver are two police cars namely Minivan and Volvo V70. The first car, the minivan makes the driver feel bored because it is too boyish, so the driver does not immediately leave the minivan which is still distracted to chase it.

Next up is the Volvo V70 police car. This car has a pretty powerful engine variant of around 240hp. Most likely the police car uses a V70 with a variant of the engine. But still this car is powerless against the ferocity of the AMG C63.

The cause of the police chasing seems to be because the C63 AMG car does not use license plates. Because not long after the car passed, the police car then turned on the siren lights. The driver certainly took off the number plate to avoid the police taking down his car number.

Besides the witty element, another advantage of this car video is that we can listen to the sound of AMG C63 which is bolted in high acceleration. So sweet.

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