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Techniques to Take Professional Car Photos

The automotive world is also quite tempting charm in terms of photography. Imagine, the documentation factor is often able to channel automotive desires across time. Automotive photography or ordinary people called car photos are also often done in order to boost the image of the car and its owner. Even now there are also many who do not want to carelessly take pictures of their cars before being sold. Many people are aware that by taking the right car photos can boost the value of selling cars.

Photography certainly there are techniques and ways, so even when photographing a car. Regardless of what tools are used, photographing a car that will be discussed is not from an expert, but the points suggested to note this arise from the habit of photographers. Hmm … then what are the important points that need to be considered and done in order to achieve maximum results when photographing a car? So many people find it difficult to determine whether the photo was taken by a professional or not.

There are several points that can be considered, for example: timing, reflection, rolling shot, color selection, background, panning effect, and interaction with nature. Well, here is a little review about photographing a car so it’s cool like a professional. Check this out!

Choose the Right Timing

The simple technique of photographing is actually just a matter of time or the right timing. Inappropriate time when photographing a car so it is cooler like when the light is too bright or even too dark will make the photos less good. The best time to photograph a car is just a few minutes after sunset or a few minutes before sunrise.

Actually, the problem of brightness or lighting can be set in the camera itself. But of course the results of the photo will look less natural. Not to mention the editing process requires expert hands.

Beware of Reflection

The car’s exterior body will naturally become the object of exposure when photographing the car. Therefore, beware of the reflection (reflection) shadow on the object’s car body.

Pay attention to the area around photographing the car so it is cooler and what objects are reflected in the body of the car. Avoiding reflections that appear on the car body is intended so that the appearance of the car design lines appear optimal. Reflection will certainly damage the existing curve.

Objects that are usually disturbing are the trees and the shadow of the photographer. If the photographer cannot avoid his own reflection, you can use a tripod and set a timer to photograph the car.

Rolling Shot

One easy way to take pictures of a car to make it cooler is to take pictures while moving or maneuvering. But for this shoot you have to be extra careful.

To be photographed while moving, ideally the car is at a speed of 40-60 km / h and then shoot the camera to the front window of the car. With the shooting position, a good picture can be produced; a moving car that optimizes acceleration. To add to the dramatic, let the car maneuver in a sandy or slightly waterlogged place. Splashes from tires will definitely be cooler.

Choose the Right Car Color

The color of the car must also be considered before photographing done. Also note, all types of paint react at different times of the day. In fact, most colors do not match when exposed to direct sunlight when photographed. However, despite that there are also colors that actually have the opposite response. For example, pastel or soft colors.


Background or background is also very important for photographing cars like a professional. Make sure the background matches the theme and color of the car itself. But choosing the background must also be careful, as mentioned earlier, free the car from objects of reflection and background objects that can distract the eye. Things like trash cans, electric cables, and maybe other cars.

Maximize the Panning Effect

Another way to take pictures of a car to make it cooler is to take pictures while the car is running. This technique is usually also called panning. Unlike the driving shots points, in this position the photographer simply stands on the side of the road and let the car pass. Sounds simple, but it really isn’t.

Panning shooting is recommended to expose the speed or acceleration of the car. Blurred background effects will create the illusion that the car is speeding.

Back to nature

So that car photos have more value and a little “storytelling” try to use the principle of back to nature, or interact with the wild. Car photos are also guaranteed to look more alive and have a higher value. Even car pictures will come alive even if only in a single photo.

But, the intended natural effect must remain aesthetic and safe. For example a car with a drift maneuver hit dust or sand requires a fairly wide field. For example again; off-road cars that are dirty from mud. Please dirty the car but with the condition that it can be easily cleaned again as before.

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