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Tesla Releases Bulletproof Pickup Truck, Upholds Futuristic Design

Tesla is known to have released its first pickup, which was named Cybertruck. As the name implies, the design of this pickup car is very futuristic, unlike any vehicle that we can see in the automotive market today. It could even be said that this car looks like the cars we see in Sci-fi movies from Hollywood.

There is no iota of elements from conventional cars used on the body of this car. At first glance, the model is similar to a spaceship with sharp angles in various areas. Ellon Musk as CEO of Tesla said that the party did not use the chassis model used by cars in general for this car. At Cybertruck, the chassis also acts as the body of the car. To form the body of the car itself, special steel material is used. I was so strong, Cybertruck was even claimed to be able to withstand large hammer blows and 9 mm pistol shots. Ellon also proved this when the launch of this car in California, United States, on November 22 last. The entire windshield of the car is also shaped in a special way so that it can withstand. Even though there are cracks,

What is unique, Cybertruck is a pure electric powered vehicle. Tesla itself offers three variants, each of which is differentiated based on the number of electric motors. The highest variant is equipped with three all wheel drive motors, which can bring this car sped from rest to a speed of 100 km per hour in just 2.9 seconds. Considering the body is quite large, the record time is arguably very fast and indicates that the power generated by the engine of this car is quite large.

This car is also not only good at speeding on ordinary roads. The off-road capability of this car also doesn’t need to be doubted. This car has a 35 degree approach angle and a 28 degree departure supported by adaptive air suspension (Adaptive Air Suspension) that allows the process of loading goods into the car body more easily.

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