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The Best RC Drift Car on the Market

RC Drift Car is a remote control car that is known for good speed, balance and control, and is often used for drifting. As we know, to do drifting, drifters often need a car that has been modified and improved in performance to ensure the steering comfort, suspension and great power of the car.

In drift racing, the rear tire shifts and the car is driven sideways around a track. One of the most important aspects in the world of drifting is to maintain several levels of speed with total control.

Having a drift car also has the advantage of driving a normal car, although the performance is certainly different from the touring car. Drifting using a remote control car can be very challenging if done without prior knowledge of the car, because most drift car owners are usually interested in replacing and upgrading their cars, which can lead to unbalanced conditions. Now, to find out more, the following Intersport has summarized some of the best RC Drift Car on the market. Check immediately, Bro!


This car body is made of polycarbonate material and is suitable for adults and children. This car comes in two style choices. One is modern and sleeker while the other model has the shape of a salon car.

This car has oil-filled shock and has an aluminum cap. This car is equipped with a 2.4GHz frequency transmission, 22-23 mph speed, and a 7.2Volt 2000mAh battery power. The controller itself requires an AA battery that can be purchased separately, but also has a car charger. This remote control can be used for more than one car in turn.

The wheel diameter is 26mm and has a 27T 540 brush motor, which makes drifting easier. This four wheel drive car can turn sharply while still maintaining its balance and returning to the track easily thanks to the installation of a plastic chassis.


This four wheel drive drift car is assembled like a modern salon car that can bulldoze difficult terrain though. This car is electrically powered and uses an RC 540 motor. The popularity of the previous version led to this car getting an upgrade using wheels and high-performance tires that have the ability to move very fast at speeds of 30 mph even on difficult roads.

This car uses a 2.4 GHz frequency transmission that can control more than one car at the same time. The battery power itself is around 7.2 volt 1800mAh, and is very suitable for drifting in the indoor or outdoor arena. This car is also designed so as to facilitate the upgrade process.


Super GT RC Car has a body that is well formed and strong. This car body is high quality and resistant to all types of scratches. This car offers a pleasant remote control car playing experience with strong and smooth tires, and is made specifically for drifting.

With very high durability and speed, its 2.4GHz frequency transmission is perfect for racing and controlling several cars without interference from other wireless devices. The battery itself can hold up to 20 minutes after being charged for 90 minutes to full. This drift racing sports car is very sensitive and can carry out drift techniques in different forms and situations, including round drift, U-shaped, and 8-shaped techniques.


The RC MadDrift Limited Edition has a very modern design and is lighter compared to other drift cars, but has good stability even at high speeds thanks to its small center-of-gravity.

This car has a good body structure and oil-filled shock that provides the ability to overcome high impact when crossing difficult paths. The transmitter gun has a 2.4GHz frequency and uses four 1.5V AA batteries. The capacity of the battery used by this drift car is 7.4V 3300mAh Li-Po.

This car is driven by a brushless motor, 540L 2150KV for maximum performance. The speed of this car is thanks to the upgraded control unit, giving the driver full control of this car.


HPI Falken Nissan S13 is a four wheel drive remote control car with a Nitro Star 3.0 engine that provides great power for drifting. This car has a bathtub type Nitro and a RS4 chassis with a thickness of 0.078, an adjustable motor and a battery holder.

Nissan S13 has a 2.4GHz transmitter which allows this car to race with other cars at the same time without getting interrupted by other wireless devices in the vicinity. This car also has an independent suspension, and its drift tires make drifting easier even on the surface of the pave parking.

Dirt will not be able to get into the gear, because this car has an enclosed drive train and this component helps reduce maintenance costs and makes this car more reliable. This car also has a wide bumper, which serves to protect this car from collisions. The chassis and suspensions are shaped to meet perfect durability and performance standards.

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