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The Cars in the film are iconic and popular

Not just movies or characters, cars in films can be iconic and popular. From the legendary old era, we certainly know KITT, a sophisticated car that can talk and Delorean who can go into the future. Here and there, we are acquainted with Hachiroku, who is good at sticking and yellow Bumblebee. Not yet overlasting like the Batmobile the dark knight.

This list can be very long.

The effect of a film on culture or pop-culture is indeed quite large. Films can provide imagination, inspiration and new thoughts in life. If we think back, the figure of the car in this film contributes a large enough for car culture. Big or small, the role of these cars is inevitable in instilling passion in cars, especially in the early generations who later developed until now.

If we might be the generation of ‘somewhat’ old hehe, it used to be fascinated by the sophistication of KITT that drove cool. Then we play the cars imagining it’s the KITT. Now it could be the same thing happened. The little boy who saw the cool Camaro Bumblebee in Transformer then did the same thing.

In this review we will discuss the heroes or cars in the iconic and popular films.

Let’s start, take a dip first.

Ridoron (Kamen Raider Black RX) – Mazda RX 7

Sing first aah … ” Black Steel Knight, keep going! Black steel knight, challenge yourself! 

Kids in the 90s will definitely memorize this song, guaranteed. Kamen Raider Black RX or we are called the Black Steel Knight RX is a TV show that used to air in 1993 on RCTI. The film tells the story of a young man who can transform into a grasshopper superhero who crushes the evil of monsters.

This film is very iconic not only in Japan but also in Indonesia and various other countries in the world. The Black Steel Knight is considered to be the most popular Kamen Rider in the classical era and also the classic TV show that is nostalgic for many people!

Well, this Black Steel Knight RX has a flagship car named Ridoron. This car also became the idol of many children in his era. Ridoron can walk on land and sea and travel speeds of up to 1500 km / hour! This car is made with the base of the first generation Mazda RX-7 (FB).

Mr. Bean – Mini 1000 Mk.4

The car from Mr. Bean is as iconic as Mr. Bean himself. Mini 1000 Mk.4 car is citrus green (yellowish green) with black on the front hood. This little car is often present in funny shows Mr. Bean. One of the unforgettable moments of course when Mr. Bean shop and drive this car on a seat above his car. He uses a rope and a mop handle to drive his car from the roof of his car!

Although the Mini 1000 Mk.4 citrus green is already attached to Mr. Bean, this car is actually not the first car. The car used at the start was the Mini 1000 Mk.2 in orange. But the car had an accident and was damaged so it was replaced with Mk.4 citrus green. This car also actually changed several times too, although still with the same type and shape. This can be seen in the number plate which also changes.

One that I remember with the unique car of Mr Bean is not just from the shape and color. I always remember that Mr. This bean doesn’t use a normal key on his car but uses a slot lock and padlock! ha ha

Besides Mr. Bean, Mini cars are also used in other iconic films namely The Italian Job.

DeLorean (Back to the Future) – DeLorean DMC

DeLorean is a sports car produced by DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) in 1981-1983. This car is a rare car, because only a few are produced, around 8000 units before the DMC finally declared bankrupt. Interestingly, this DeLorean is the only car produced and sold by DMC, and even then only for the American market.

Despite its timeless sporty appearance with gull-wing doors, the performance of this car is very disappointing compared to its appearance and price. The point is it looks not as fast as its run . This is the main reason DeLorean then failed and stopped production.

Only later in 1985, DeLorean gained its reputation thanks to the legendary iconic 90s film until now, Back to the Future. DeLorean becomes a time machine car that is able to explore time into the future or the past. To get through time, DeLorean requires 1.21 gigawatts of electricity and must travel as fast as 88 mph or 142 km / hour.

In his second film, DeLorean goes to the future, 21 October 2015 which is now considered the date of Back to the Future Day. Thinking about it now 2020, and 2015 already 5 years ago. So now we are not only in the future, but even more futures.

KITT (Knight Rider) – Pontiac Trans Am

KITT could be the first car hero figure for some people, especially the 80-90s generation. Long before we now know Bumblebee who can talk, KITT can already talk and do many other sophisticated actions.

The name KITT stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand. He is a car and a partner of Michael Knight in the film Knight Rider. This film tells the story of Michael, KITT and his team that quell various crimes by using sophisticated cars that are super cool.

This KITT was made with a modification of the Pontiac Trans AM 1982. With black, futuristic interior full of buttons and devices, KITT also has a characteristic red LED on the front grill that lights up. Besides being able to talk and think like a robot, he also has a variety of specs and sophisticated features. KITT can also speed 0-100 kph in 2 seconds, KITT also has a turbo boost, jammer, scanner, flame thrower, grappling hook, tear gas, and other futuristic features!

Anyway, this KITT has an evil twin named KARR. This twin is the prototype version of KITT, which has an error and unstable CPU which produces a bad version of KITT.

Hachiroku (Initial D) – Toyota AE86 Trueno

This film can be regarded as a legendary film that carries the name of the car and the world of Japanese drifts in the eyes of the world.

Initial D is an animated film adapted from the Japanese comic series (manga) published from 1995 to 2013 and consists of a total of 5 series.

The main character of Initial D is a high school youth named Takumi Fujiwara whose daily life is delivering tofu made by his father to be sold to neighboring cities.

Since childhood he was taught a car by his father who is a former racer. He was assigned to deliver tofu at high speed on the slopes of the mountains which have sharp turns. Because what is brought is know which incidentally is easily destroyed, so Takumi is required to be able to drive fast but remain stable / smooth so that he can safely reach the destination.

This is what makes Takumi unwittingly have the ability to drive extraordinary drifting. Even so he did not realize and consider it a normal thing he does every day when working as an introduction to know.

His introduction to the world of drifting racing originated from the invitation of his school friends to see illegal drift car races. From there it is known that Takumi has amazing drift capabilities that make racers from other cities come to challenge him.

Bumblebee (Transformers) – Chevrolet Camaro

Bumblebee is one of the film characters in the modern era whose size instills the love of cars in children. Thanks to Bumblebee, almost every child, and also adult, when he saw the yellow Camaro said it must be Bumblebee!

When in fact the original car from Bumblebee was a yellow VW Beetle. Just as shown from Bumblebee’s latest spin-off film. Even though it ended in the end, Bee (back again) became a Camaro. So why in the live action movie became a Camaro? Maybe it’s the Michael Bay effect haha. People already bear the same as the Camaro Bee in a live action film rather than the VW Beetle.

After all, it’s a row of expensive expensive sports or exotic cars that make people more impressed, something like Fast Furious. Also imagine if Bumblebee remains a VW Beetle, maybe people will not be too impressed.

The first Camaro Bumblebee was the 1977 model Camaro which in his film was declared as Camaro 1969. Furthermore, in the film, thanks to Megan Fox mocked Bumblebee an alien robot, cool but chose the form of an old car, finally Bee changed his form to Camaro gen 5 concept 2010. In the next film Camaro Bumblebee changed form according to the development of the film year, the 2010, 2013 and 2016 Camaro models.

Brian O ‘Conner’s Supra & Skyline (The Fast and the Furious / 2 Fast 2 Furious) – Toyota Supra MK.4 & Skyline GT-R R34

We cannot deny the influence of the film Fast Furious on the development of car enthusiasts and car culture. This film was an inspiration for teenagers in car scene and illegal racing activities, especially in America. This film also raised the name ‘Import’, in this case the JDM car to the American and world car culture scene.

Long ago before Fast Furious became a franchise that contained international crime scenes with luxury supercars, helicopters, armor, and even submarines. Fast Furious is a film with a car background with a simple and reasonable crime idea. Two JDM cars were Fast Furious at the time, and to date Toyota Supra Mk.4 and Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 .

Since the green eclipse car was destroyed and exploded, Brian then looked for a replacement and brought a wrecked Supra material car to be built. Assisted by Dom and the gang, 10 second cars were born, the orange Supra. At the end of his first film, The Fast and the Furious, Brian gave the Supra key to Dom. It is said that this car was reportedly left by Dom on the side of the road for reasons not mentioned.

Brian who does not have a reliable car and then looking for money for a new car. He did his own adventures and illegal races using red Dodge Stealth. Once the money was collected, and the Dodge Stealth was confiscated by the police, he went to a used car dealer. There he found the next flagship car, the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34.

Batmobile (Batman)

This list will not be complete with this one. Batman or Batmobile cars have long been known by the public. Batman’s presence would not be complete without action with its flagship car, the Batmobile.

The bat man’s car in each film changes frequently. But its characteristics remain the same. Dark black color with an exotic design. That’s why the full black Lamborghini feels like Batman, an exotic black with an intimidating look and fierce performance and sound. Do you want to have a Batman car? Yes, just buy a full black color Lamborghini hehe.

Batmobile at the beginning of the film is often in the form of a black exotic car with a long shape. The model is a change from a Muscle car such as Lincoln Futura or Impala. Don’t forget to add bat-like wings.

The more here the Batmobile is getting thicker with the aura of heavy armored vehicles, aka tanks. In the popular trilogy of The Dark Knight, the batmobile, also called the Tumbler, is like a tank. In Batman v Superman, the Batmobile is still a tank but slimmer. Look around it feels similar to Tamiya.

In a previous review, we discussed the State with the Best Police Cars . Late night looking at the rearview mirror there are police who use sportcar or hypercar already makes shock. Well imagine if the tank car is Batman.

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