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The Most Kind of Music Is Heard in the Car

What kind of music is easy to hear in the car?

Most likely the answer depends on your taste. Indeed music, which in fact is an art, is of course very dependent on the taste of the listener. But that’s not all, music is also influenced by other factors such as mood, time (morning, afternoon, night), place, and even the weather (rainy, sunny).

That’s right? If I do, hehe.

Now, talking about the place, listening to music in the car has its own comfort and convenience. Especially for people who are fond of cars or driving, music can be friends on a trip with a favorite car.

” Sometimes, the best therapy is a long drive and music”

In this review, we will discuss casually about the type of music that is most pleasant to hear in the car. Again, because it is closely related to taste, of course this is my version. Maybe there are those who both like it or come to like it too, hehe.

As mentioned above, music is also influenced by several conditions such as mood, time, place, and weather. Later, each type of music we present with examples of songs and of course the right conditions to be heard in the car.

Each sample song can be clicked to be heard on Youtube.

Let’s just start.

Full Throttle !! (Electro / Industrial)

Genres : Industrial, Techno, Electro, Bigroom
Mood  : Excitement, energetic, speeding, step on the gas
Shades : Adrenaline, energy, urban night, highway, street racing
When : Night, midnight

Types of music such as industrial, techno, electro, and bigroom are perfect for pumping adrenaline while driving a car at night. This type of music is full of energetic beats and even feels wild aka reckless ! Be careful about being in the mood and not being aware of driving too fast , hehe.

Here are some examples of the song. Click to listen.

  1. The Prodigy – The Day is My Enemy
  2. Steve Aoki – Time Capsule (Intro)
  3. Botnek & 3LAU – Vikings
  4. Knife Party – EDM Death Machine
  5. Hybrid – All Torque (Black Sun Empire Remix)
  6. Kill The Noise – Lose Yes Love
  7. The Prodigy – Rhythm Bomb (feat. Flux Pavilion)
  8. Zardonic – Extinction
  9. Reso – Callisto
  10. Reso – Move It

Full Throttle # 2 (Metal / Rock)

Genres : Metal, Rock
Mood : Enthusiastic, energetic, speeding, step on the
nuances of gas : Adrenaline, energy, urban night, highway, street racing
When : Night, midnight

Still the same nuance, namely adrenanaline and energetic, but this one is from the type of metal and rock music. Drum distortion and powerful drumming will make us feel like we want to keep on gaspol!

Here are some examples of the song. Click to listen, it’s guaranteed not to regret it hehe.

  1. Disturbed – The Game
  2. Audioslave – Show Me How To Live
  3. Dakota Star – Another Day (Regret)
  4. Rage Against The Machine – Testify
  5. Rev Theory – Hell Yeah
  6. Papa Roach – Getting Away With Murder
  7. Static-X: Push It
  8. Unwritten Law – Celebration Song
  9. The Used – Pretty Handsome Awkward
  10. Guano Apes – No Speech

Rise and Shine

Genre : Alternative rock, Alternative pop
Mood : Fresh, Energetic, Happy
Nuance : Morning air, sunrise, morning run, urban night especially weekend
Time : Morning (6-8 am), can also be for the night (under 9)

Listen to an upbeat song that can constantly make hot and tired. Well, this one is still energetic but easy listening. So, it keeps me uplifting but it doesn’t make my ears hehe. This type of song is most suitable to be heard in the car when morning or weekend nights. It must feel really fresh!

Want to know what kind of song? Here are some of them.

  1. 30 Seconds To Mars – Kings and Queens
  2. Daiki Kasho – Day To Live
  3. Daiki Kasho – It’s All About You
  4. Jose Gonzales – Step Out
  5. Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly
  6. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – False Pretense
  7. Rise Against – Under the Knife
  8. Lost Prophet – To Hell We Ride
  9. Lost Prophet – Lost Train Home
  10. New Found Glory – All Downhill From Here

“Happiness is … driving alone at night.”

Late Night Drives

Genres : Shoegaze, Alternative, Rock, Folk
Mood : Mellow, relaxed, daydreaming
Shades : Night wind, street lights
When : Midnight (10 pm and above)

For some people, driving a car at night (or early morning) is a very pleasant activity. There is something  magical,  a deep feeling when driving a car at night. Not surprisingly, many people consider driving a night car a relaxation, a therapy, an escape ritual.

Well, some types of music will feel very enjoyable and really heard in the car at night. Here are a few examples. Click to listen.

  1. Patrick Watson – Tracy’s Water
  2. Patrick Watson – Fireweed
  3. Teamsleep – Ever (Foreign Flag)
  4. Crosses – Option
  5. Deftones – Beauty School
  6. Deftones – Change (In the House of Flies)
  7. Coldplay – Sparks
  8. Coldplay – Everything’s Not Lost
  9. King of Convenience – Homesick
  10. Matt Kearney – Here We Go

Electric Night

Genres : Electro, Deep House, Minimal House, Deep Progressive House, Trance, Ambient, Chillstep
Mood : Relax, chill, relaxation
Shades : Night lights, lounges, urban at night, street atmosphere late at night
When : Late at night, Early morning (Early above 12 p.m.)

Not only the type of band music, some types of electronic music are very pleasant to hear in the car late at night or early morning.

The atmosphere of the night in an outside urban area matches the folk song, shoegaze, pop as mentioned earlier. Now, if the electro music is relaxed or nuanced ambient is very suitable to the urban night view. The songs can make our feelings dissolve into the atmosphere of a magical night !

Curious about what example of the song? Here are some of them. Click to listen!

  1. Nanobyte – Lost Time
  2. Tony Anderson – Immanuel
  3. Atu – Can Do It
  4. We Are All Astronauts – Ether
  5. Deadmau5 – Strobe
  6. Urban Rules – Tokyo
  7. Ark – Baibe
  8. Eric Prydz – Opus
  9. Madeon – Pixel Empire
  10. Porter Robinson – Sad Machine


Genres : Progressive House, Future House
Mood : Fresh, happy, uplifting
Shades : Fresh, morning, sunshine, morning walks, weekends
When : Morning (6-8 hours), weekend nights

Like most electronic dance music (EDM), this type of music makes us feel happy and excited. Most are indeed of the type of progressive house or future house. Both have colorful music colors and beat that invites us to sway happily haha. This type of song is also very suitable to be heard in the car with friends!

Some examples are as follows.

  1. Galantis – Peanut Butter Jelly
  2. Kesha – Die Young (Becky G Remix)
  3. Tiësto –Paradise
  4. Alesso – Sweet Escape (feat. Sirena)
  5. Madeon – Technicolor
  6. Icona Pop – We Got the World
  7. Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter
  8. Max Elto – Shadow of the Sun (Mako Remix)
  9. Klingande – Somewhere New feat.M-22 (Naxxos Remix)
  10. San Holo – Hiding (ft. The Nicholas)

” Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music.”

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