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the Rocky Auto Modification House from Japan

Still from racing in Japan. More specifically about home modifications that are very popular with their expertise to mix fast cars.

No wonder if we depart from the Sakura State which incidentally is indeed one of the mecca of the world’s automotive development. Especially regarding racing or fast car production, it seems like everyday toys.

Well, one of the famous home modifications often make fast cars for racing, more street racing, anyway … is Rocky Auto.

Rocky Auto is a very famous car modifier. But unique, Rocky Auto is a modifier for JDM vintage car specialist which is famous not only in Japan but also in the world.

Rocky Auto was founded by Watanabe Yoshiya in July 1987. In this workshop often handles vintage JDM cars, specifically Nissan and Toyota cars. Call it like the legendary car Hakosuka, Kenmeri, classic Skyline, Fairlady Z, up to 2000GT. Hmm … This is really cool original. All the amazing work is here!

Not to mention talking about reshuffle the kitchen spur. There are car engines that still use the default stock engine such as the S20 engine. Surely the machine has been rebuilt (rebuild) alias cleaned, modified and tuned to be more optimal. Some other cars have changed spirits to modern engines which are certainly more ferocious. In an elegant classic car, brutal engines can sink like 2JZ, RB25, RB26, RB30, 1UZ V8, VQ35, and high performance machines that have other racing specifications!

Speaking of building style or modification style, Watanabe-san is indeed known as a balanced car modifier. Watanabe enjoyed the originality and appreciated the history of a car. But it is inevitable, he is also crazy about modifications that are full of innovation and challenging.

For example, there is a GTR Hakosuka collection which he runs with a Toyota V8 1UZ engine! Of course for the purists, this is a pretty disappointing thing. But Watanabe-san is considering the latest innovation by presenting the iconic classic Hakosuka car with a Japanese V8.

But in another story, it seems like he doesn’t worry about it. After all, he still has several other Hakosuka collections that are far more virgin.

Rocky Auto Workshop, located in Okazaki, Japan, is a place that must be visited by JDM vintage lovers. This place is a paradise of classic JDM legendary cars. Rocky Auto has the largest collection of classic JDM cars in Japan. Which means of course, the biggest in the world!

From a total of dozens of cars there, each car has been or is being built with a look and modification that makes people amazed.

Not only from the number of car collections and modifications, the Rocky Auto workshop has an interior room and other stunning views. All of which make this place a successful example of how a workshop or a classic car repair shop was made.

Rocky Auto can also be a very recommended place for petrolheads who want to vacation in Japan. Rocky Auto Workshop itself is in the city of Nagoya, Aichi province. Bro, you can just just come and have a look. Not only look around washing your eyes, asking directly can also really!

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