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This Honda N600 is a 800cc VFR V4 Motorcycle Engine!

HONDA entered the automotive market in the United States by selling a motorcycle and a decade later offered the first car. In 1970, the Honda N600 entered the US market for a starting price of US $ 1,300 (RM5,420).

The N600 was just a 3,098mm long car, the size of the car at the US-brand passenger car at the time. It is also considered an iconic model today, and there are always some vintage fans who want to repair and renovate the car.

Even more exciting, Honda itself recognizes the initiative of fans who try to keep the model. For example, Stephen Mines’s N600 (1972) won the ‘Honda Super Tuner Legends Series’ .

The program is co-sponsored by the Hot Wheels Legends Tour , a series of explorations to find the right size car to be used as a Hot Wheels toy car. The winners of this award will also have the opportunity to showcase their cars at the SEMA 2019 event in Las Vegas this week.

The N600’s modifications take a long time to complete, over five years! Powered by a Honda VFR V4 800cc motorcycle with rear-wheel drive, the car’s rotation can be up to 12,000rpm with a thrilling exhaust grille.

Other modifications were made using a Mazda Miata suspension set, Polaris RZR® seats and custom front and rear bumper of the 1967-68 Chevy® Camaro.

What’s more, Mines’ victory coincides with the Honda N600 ‘s 60th anniversary celebration .

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