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This ‘Illustration’ of Mitsubishi Mirage in the Future, Similar to Xpander?

Mirage is one of Mitsubishi’s flagship hatchbacks. But the design now might make consumers bored. So Mitsubishi began to ‘imagine’ what kind of appearance Mirage would have in the future. This ‘picture’ of the future Mitsubishi Mirage, like Xpander.

Reporting from Otosia.com (10/30/2019), Mirage now has a design that is considered less cool. Especially now that all of its rivals have got a major change. This is what makes Mitsubishi’s desire to give him refreshment.

Mirage will get a dynamic shield design. Of course this makes it on par with his brothers, including Xpander, who has a similar design. This design will certainly make it look more manly.

Not only changing faces, Mirage will move up the class using the CMF-B platform. The same platform is used on the Renault Clio and Nissan March.

The new platform means the car body can potentially change too. Combined with a dynamic shield, Mirage will probably have a body that is handsome but sporty.

But Mitsubishi was reluctant to mention when the All New Mirage could be officially released. But with this leak, it looks like it will be launched soon.

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