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This Is Aspark Owl, Candidate of the World’s Fastest Car!

Competition in the hypercar realm is dominated by European producers such as Mclaren, Bugatti, and Koeniggsegg, feeling they don’t want to lose to Japanese producers sending representatives called Aspark Owl. Aspark Owl was first introduced to the public at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, when it was rumored that this car was offering a power of 1,150 HP. After about a year passed, now Aspark is claimed to bring power far greater than the initial figure offered.

Do not expect fierce sound that will come out of this car, because Aspark Owl is a full electric alias EV car. Without a heavy engine, this car relies on four electric motors that are capable of producing high torque almost instantly. The result is this car can accelerate up to 100km / h in just about 1.7 seconds.

Regarding horsepower. This car is claimed to have a power that slightly exceeds the Lotus Evija concept car which is powered by 2000HP. Interestingly, as reported by Topgear, CEO of Aspark, Masanori Yoshida said that the car which was originally to be officially released in 2017 must be pushed back to ensure this car becomes faster or even faster than its competitors. As a result this November, at the Dubai International Motor Show, Aspark showed off a production-ready model that had around 2012HP power.

With specifications claimed to be the fastest in the world, Aspark Owl has a top speed of up to around 400Km / h. So fast, with a torque of 2,000Nm acceleration from 0 to 300Km / h will be able to be traveled in about 10.6 seconds.

Because it is an electric car, of course, Aspark Owl will hold a fairly large battery. It is estimated that a lithium battery with a capacity of 64kWh will be carried to a total travel of around 480km. Aspark added that additional battery capacity might also be provided in the future.

With a car body that carries an elegant and sleek theme, this car has a body that tends to have smooth curves. Some panels on the body are dominated by carbon fiber material, as well as the monocoque chassis which only weighs 120kg

The car, which is equipped with active rear wing and butterfly door, will be produced in only 50 units. And planned to be sent to buyers in mid-2020. And if in the near future there are no other hypercar that outperforms the Aspark Owl specifications, it might be safe if this car can be dubbed the fastest production car candidate in the world.

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