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This is the World’s Fastest Electric Car Speeding Nearly 340 Km / Hour!

Cars, Now more and more electric vehicles are being sold worldwide. From ordinary passenger cars to electric trucks, almost everything is there. But who says electric cars can’t go fast like gasoline cars? This is the fastest electric car in the world with a speed of almost 340 km / hour.

There are already a handful of car manufacturers that make supercars or electric hypercar. But most are still in the form of concept cars or not yet mass produced. One of the most recent electric hypercar highlights is the Genovation GXE.

The name Genovation might still sound new in the automotive world. But this company already has a GXE model that is able to run very fast.

This full-based car from the Chevrolet Corvette C6 turns out to be traveling at 338 km / h! Although the truth is still not as fast as a gasoline engine car, but this figure is quite surprising.

Genovation itself tests GXE at the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing, United States. When doing the test, the wind was quite strong there. But that does not make its performance decline.

All this can be achieved thanks to a dual electric motor powered 800 hp and 949 Nm of torque, and a 60 kWh battery with 209 km of travel power. Even though Genovation still has to find a way so that the batteries don’t run out quickly when lauched in terrible speed.

Genovation will provide 75 GXE units only. Although only a modification of the Corvette C6, at least the presence of this car can satisfy high-speed car lovers.

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