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This product line is guaranteed to make the car engine more powerful

Buying a new car can be a pleasant experience for most people. But often the drivers feel that the car they have is not as powerful as they had hoped. Some people might overcome this by replacing them with new, more powerful cars. But actually, there is a simpler solution, which is by attaching certain devices to our car that can improve the power and performance of our beloved car. Devices like this have been found in the market. What kind of device can increase the power of the car? This time Intersport will discuss for Mas Bro. Listen immediately!


Depending on where we live, fuel emissions can be a serious problem from our daily driving activities. In some places in the world, for example, in California and New York, car drivers must frequently check the emission and pollution standards produced by their cars. One component that produces the biggest emissions from cars is the catalytic converter. Some people might say that to increase the power in the car, we can just eliminate the converter. However, this may not be possible for everyone. The alternative is to use a high flow catalytic converter that can still reduce fuel emissions, but in a faster and more efficient way.


When considering the modifications that will be made to our car to add power, many people will immediately think about the turbo or intake. Of course those things are a good idea. But sometimes we don’t need to force an induction system or cold air intake to get extra extra power. Enough to do the ECU tune in our car.

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) acts as the electronic brain of the system in the car, helping to regulate and distribute power to all parts of the engine so that the power generated is more optimal. With the right ECU racing and efficient tuning, sometimes an upgraded car with an ECU can be more effective than a turbo or exhaust.


Just like ECU, the best upgrade is sometimes the type of upgrade that is not much thought of by others. One example of such an upgrade is a fuel injector that functions to manage the fuel that is in the car. The advantages that exist in the performance fuel injector that will not be found in the standard version is that this device can increase the power produced by car engines. Basically, the performance fuel injector adds fuel that enters the engine, allowing the engine to produce extra power and acceleration. Although mileage may be affected due to the presence of this component, its use is commensurate with the results.


This one modification is more devoted to vehicles equipped with turbochargers. A Performance Intercooler can turn on in the sense of adding power to any machine that is fitted with this device. Intercooler itself is one component that is quite essential in a vehicle. Not only does it function as the intake of a vehicle with a turbocharger, but this component also helps cool the air that is in the engine. With certain upgrades made, this process becomes smoother and more efficient, allowing the turbo to work more optimally and stay cool. As a result, the power produced by car engines becomes greater.


When compared with other product examples on this list, Nitrous seems to be one of the most extreme examples. The use of Nitrous in cars is quite risky. Any Fast and Furious fan knows that using too much Nos (short for Nitrous) can result in total destruction of the car. However, if the driver can be careful and professional in using these components, Nitrous can be one of the most powerful energy booster components in car engines.


When we look at the outside of the machine, it can be very difficult to distinguish the engine parts, especially for many lay people. Of the many engine parts, the most visible thing of course is the header. The header itself is part of the exhaust system that allows certain gases to be removed from the cylinder wall and processed into the actual channel. With a performance header, the engine can increase exhaust flow, increase power and even add beautiful sound to a car engine.


Of all the modification components in this list, air intake is probably the most unexpected choice. Not that this one component is a type of upgrade that is not good, but it is too general. In fact, many car lovers who start modification with a new air intake or exhaust. Air intake does offer many advantages. These components tend to be inexpensive, easy to install, and add more power to the engine. This component is suitable for beginners in terms of modification.


If we want extra power for our car engine, most of us will be confused because there are many choices of components that can add power to the car engine. Modifying the car by pairing various components can be a pretty draining step in cost and time. Well, supercharger and turbocharger can be one good choice.

Superchargers are more commonly used among muscle cars compared to JDM and European cars. This component has a lot in common with a turbocharger, because both of these components together provide additional power for car engines. Unfortunately, these two components are indeed still quite expensive in the market.

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