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Toyota Offers Supra GR GT4 That Is Ready To Race

Some time ago, precisely around March, Toyota had given a teaser about their ambitious project for their flagship model, the Supra A90, which they planned to make a “racing” version. This more ferocious version is planned to carry the GR (Gazoo Racing) appendage and will be developed in Germany by Toyota Motorsport.

Continuing the concept, Toyota has finally officially released the Supra GR GT4 which is a racing ready variant of the Supra A90. As a reminder, GT4 is one of the Grand Tourer racing car classes that is often associated with the GT4 European Series competition. This car was built following the GT4 regulations, so according to Toyota’s press release notes, this car is intended for racing participants and is only used on race tracks, not to be driven on public roads.

In outward appearance, the GR GT4 version still maintains its stock appearance, but in terms of performance it has certainly improved from Gazoo Racing. Still using a 6-cylinder inline engine with a capacity of 3.0 liters with a supercharger, this racing version is capable of producing 429HP power and 650Nm torque, which is quite significant considering the standard version only has 335HP power and 495Nm torque alone.

Some other performance accessories that have been added by the GR are the exhaust system from Akrapovič, 7-speed automatic transmission with mechanical limited-slip differential, adjustable damper from KW, braking system from Brembo, and finally 18-inch rim of OZ which has been wrapped with type tires slick from Pirelli.

This GT4 GR has a weight of 1,350 kg, 164 kg lighter than the standard version. This reduction is obtained from the use of carbon fiber in some panels and the reduction of some parts in the interior sector. Now the interior is filled with a variety of safety equipment that is in accordance with FIA regulations, for example such as a 6-point seat belt, fire extinguisher, and of course roll cage.

The plan is that the Toyota Supra GR GT4 will be officially sold in March 2020 for the European region, August for the North American region and October for the Asian region. For the price, this car is priced at 175,000 Euros or about 2.7 billion rupiahs, not including taxes and other additional costs.

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