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Very sophisticated! Bosch Releases Sun Visor That Can Detect Eyes

Artificial Intelligence or AI is an artificial intelligence system that can be arranged in a scientific context. AI is currently being developed to help human life through computers to be even better. Bosch also tried to use AI for the automotive segment. Because at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Las Vegas, United States, Bosch released a virtual visor using AI.

This virtual visor is a sun visor that will later be installed in the car cabin. The difference is that this virtual visor uses AI digital technology with a transparent digital display. At the CES 2020 event some time ago, Bosch released this virtual visor. This transparent LCD screen will be connected to a monitoring camera to detect the eye position of the driver.

The workings of this virtual visor are using intelligent algorithms. Digital visor will later analyze information just by darkening the windshield. No wonder that at the CES 2020 event, Bosch was awarded the Best of Innovation Awards. The virtual visor introduced by Bosch gets the highest score. The introduced 3D screen also won in its category.

This interior monitoring system will later be able to detect drivers who are sleepy or play gadgets. So the screen will see the movement of the eyelid, the direction of view and position of the head. This system can also detect the number of passengers and the seating position of passengers in the car. Bosch wants it to increase passenger safety to be more optimal.

This innovation made by Bosch requires a significant investment cost. Bosch invested 100 million Euros to build AI capacity. The AI ​​campus will be built in Tubingen, Germany. With this campus, 700 AI experts will exchange creative and productive ideas to produce brilliant ideas and innovations.

“This program includes training formats for three levels, namely managers, engineers and developers, including guidelines for using AI responsibly,” said Michael Bolle, Managing Director of Robert Bosch GmbH. The virtual visor released by Bosch is expected to be a digital sunblock that provides security for motorists. Wow, it’s even cooler, innovation from year to year.

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