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What do you dislike when driving?

Driving a favorite car for enthusiasts is a fun activity. Especially when the car was washed sleek. Bye handsome pokonya. Before you go crazy, look at it first. Stared while nodding his own smiles. Already like that, the cellphone keeps taking photos for a moment. Get in the car, check the keys and see the full gasoline. Sedaappp!

Walking with your favorite car feels the same as if we were carrying the path of our beloved pets. Yes maybe that’s the picture of the closeness between the enthusiast and his car.

But sometimes, umm or maybe quite often, all is not as beautiful as imagined.

Once we get out on the road, we will be welcomed by the reality of life that is not as sweet as imagined haha.

There are various things on the streets there that will disperse our driving pleasure. Road conditions in Indonesia, especially in big cities, do take away our driving comfort. The reality is not as beautiful as we see videos of foreign cars where the road conditions are so relaxed and free.

In this article we will discuss things that we don’t like when driving. It’s also been a long time we didn’t talk about casual topics. This review is only an opinion, so just relax read it.

Let’s just start.

Traffic jam

It is most certain and most sure this is what makes us lazy to drive a car. Just got out of the house, entered the main road, was in front of already looking at the queue of cars like again queued groceries. How do you feel about driving, which only has little gas, brakes, shut up. Gas a little more, brake again, and shut up again.

A trip that should be half an hour can turn into 2 hours! Not to mention that the car likes to drive off, with great power comes great fuel consumption hehe. Once you take the road, get ready to fill at least 100-200 thousand.

Traffic is indeed the main reason people are lazy to use the car. In the afternoon, it’s better to use a motorcycle. For enthusiasts, the ritual of driving a favorite car is mostly done at night or morning run on holidays.

Well, during this traffic jam, other unpleasant things will also appear. We will discuss it below.

Red light

The next unpleasant thing is the red yellow green box. People called him a red light or stopan. Very rarely people call traffic lights.

“Mas, where’s the X road?” “Oh go straight until the traffic lights keep turning left.” Well, it’s rare, right?

In the city where I live, especially in the middle of the city, intersections fork in everywhere. As a result the red lights scattered everywhere. Every about 1 km there is a red light, even just a 500 meter road there is already a red light On some roads if we are hit by a red light, we can see that in front of the already visible red lights, others are waiting sweetly.

Some red lights are famous with their expertise in holding vehicles. As a result these red lights often get nicknames from road users. In the past, the times were trending in check-in, Path-era or Facebook check-in. When I got stuck at one of the famous red lights, I was very curious to open the social media. It turns out that there are so many names checking in there, for example “red light that can be ironed first”, “red light that can be used first,” “difficult intersection to move on”, etc.

The existence of red lights is very disturbing driving comfort. Moreover, if I go back, if the road is full again, it’s already jammed.

Public transportation

This is everyone’s enemy on the road haha.

It might be excessive, but the taste can be right too. Motorcyclists are annoyed with public transportation, car drivers are annoyed with public transportation, even the passengers themselves are not infuriated with public transportation!

Yes, not wrong too. Driving recklessly, making a sudden turn, making a traffic jam with ignorance, and others. Because public transportation itself is what makes them become people who are not liked by road users.

I am often happy to see public transportation that is now empty since the presence of ojol and taxol. Maybe a little evil hehe, don’t be blasphemed. But, indeed the name of the Public transportationt was once the ‘king’ of the streets. They are so needed by the community, everyone is waiting and often scrambling to use them.

Unfortunately, this Public transportation is comfortable and just sells. It seems there has never been an innovation / improvement in terms of order, courtesy, safety and comfort (complete yes). As a result when there are alternative public transportation such as Gojek, Grab, etc. that are more practical, polite, and comfortable, yes sayonara good bye public transportation.

Miraculously, even though it was clearly left behind and abandoned, these Public transportation seem to have remained unchanged. The behavior on the road is still the same, the appearance of the driver and public transportation is still the same as well…..

But after a long time I felt ojol and taxis that hung too eventually became the culprit in some street spots. Well, at least it’s better than Public transportation.

Arogan’s car

Surely we’ve never found this one despicable creature. Cut / change lanes arbitrarily, use the shoulder of the road without rules, get angry if you are not given a road, overtake carelessly, drive recklessly speeding, cut the queue with a nonchalant, and others.

Uniquely, or even more disgusted, even if this creature is wrong and if we do not want to budge, instead he is furious and angry.

Hopefully the readers here are like this.

This arrogant car is because the driver is indeed selfish and arrogant. Feel great, feel important, feel powerful.

Without intending to generalize, some types of cars have indeed become the stereotype of this arrogant behavior. Most often it is from the type of SUV such as the Fortuner and Pajero. Well this type of car has a macho image and is powerful. Boss, businessman, politician or whatever. As a result, many people who want to feel and look ‘big’ use this car.

In fact, if we see the one carrying Mercedes Benz whose price is far above the two SUVs, they are calm. I noticed that those who brought Mercy rarely honk on the road.

Not infrequently, arrogant cars are also driven by people who feel untouchable. We just call it person so as not to generalize. Call it like unscrupulous organizations, police, military, civil servants and the like. Feeling have power / link to the ruling. As a result, that’s how his behavior is very disturbing our driving comfort on the road.

Motorcycle (Very) Irregular

Okay, the motor is indeed commonplace for irregularity. What may make, welcome to Indonesia hehe. Seliweran here and there, right to left, left to right. Cut lane to change lane, okay. But, there are also many who are ‘very’ irregular.

Ngasal as good as udel.

This kind of motorbike is like a glass gatot, iron bone muscle wire. No fear of falling or getting hit. A turn is hit, bloodshed ehot demanding responsibility. Tired of.

If it’s like that one tip, must be hit first. If not, he will be the victim and we will be wrong. So the horn is long, open the door, get off the car and just crash it. If not, we will be the accused. Not arrogant if it is clearly the motorcycle that carelessly complicit udel.

Damaged or Perforated Roads

There is no such thing as comfortable when driving on a damaged road. The more dangerous it is, the more uncomfortable it is, right? Well maybe except for those who are fond of off-road, but that’s a different story. Damaged roads in urban locations will greatly interfere with driving comfort.

What’s worse is actually a smooth road but there is a trap betmen alias hollow. Why? Because this is precisely the most dangerous and damaging suspension of our cars. At the moment we feel the road is safe smoothly and do not realize there is a hole in the car hit by mines. Shockbreaker and alloy wheels (fake, hehe) destroyed already.

Another thing is speed bumps.

Indonesians do not like it if you make a police sleep. It’s like a hill. So, entering this speed bump must be slow, in order to maintain the health of our suspension. You said coilover and airsus is cheap haha. The ones who suffer the most, are those who adhere to the flow of flat cars . Scramble there, scramble, here, make the pain in your wallet hehe.


Tailging is tailing, sticking behind like a tail haha. There are two big possibilities why people do this. First, he hurriedly and ‘pushed’ the person in front of him to increase speed. Sometimes this happens on public roads or toll roads. On the toll road, as far as I know the right lane is actually used only to overtake, not for constant driving. But in practice, the right lane is used for constant driving, sometimes even there are below the minimum speed limit haha. As a result it is not uncommon for people to tailgate cars under that speed.

Other cases, we drive constant in the right lane with the appropriate maximum speed limit. Now the car behind is speeding above the maximum speed limit. Not infrequently they do tailgating even deliberately highlighting / edging the distant lights to tell us to move. Usually, ahem, the car is SUV / MPV type hehe. If it’s like that, sometimes I move aside, but sometimes I gaspol leave the car which soon disappeared from the rearview mirror haha.

Secondly, people tailgating to push the car in front of him to increase speed. But not because he was in a hurry. This is done to threaten / tease the car. In short, I want to compete with the speed or know the ability of the car.

This sometimes happens if our car is a car that is synonymous with performance or racing / sporty cars. BMW, Lancer, Cefiro, Estilo, Subaru and others like that. Sometimes tailgating like this is fun, but if the moments aren’t right, it’s annoying too.

Thus the review this time.

The things above are already commonplace and become twists and turns driving on Indonesian roads. To be able to fully drive deliciously with your favorite car is indeed quite difficult. We must be smart to choose the time or route of travel. The rest, try to still enjoy and just be patient …

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