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What is a Sleeper? Discusses Completed Car Sleeper

Sleeper in direct translation can be interpreted as a sleepyhead. This term is a slang language which has the meaning of something that looks ordinary from the outside but turns out to have something great or wow.

I also still wonder why sleepers are used as slang terms for this meaning. My guess is more for example we have friends or see people who look sleepy. Many are silent and often sleep, but apparently unexpectedly has the ability or expertise that amazes people. The term in our language is ” secretly washed away “. Maybe like that haha.

In the world of cars known as the sleeper car or sleeper car. The meaning is the same. Cars that look ordinary from the outside but apparently have extraordinary performance / power. A sleeper car is the opposite of a ricer car . If the ricer is a car that looks or looks like a fast / sports car but its ability is boyot. Well, this sleeper is a car that looks normal or even boyot but has a performance like a sports car.

In short, a ricer car can be called ” All show no go “, whereas this sleeper car is more like ” All go no show “.

I distinguish this sleeper car into three, namely the factory default sleeper car, modified sleeper car, and sleeper-ricer car.

Factory Default Sleeper Car

Some cars have become sleepers from the time he was born. In other words, the car from the factory was designed to have an ordinary appearance but the engine power is able to make people dumbfounded. An example of this type is Mercury Marauder (2003-2004) which has a conventional sedan design but has a V8 4.6 L engine with 302 hp power! For family cars, there is the Volvo V70 R which is a wagon with a power of 296 hp !.

I myself do not know what is the reason or purpose of the car manufacturer to sink the fierce engine into a family car or car with a conventional design. I don’t know, maybe the engineers and CEOs are just fun haha. Anyone know the reason?

Modified Car Sleeper

Some car lovers create a sleeper car by modifying a standard car into a fierce car without changing much of its appearance. The most effective way is to replace the engine ( engine swap ) with a powerful engine. Another way is also to modify the engine through additional forced induction such as a turbocharger or supercharger.

Sleeper-Ricer Car

This third type is a type that is quite unique and indeed a little rarely found in the world of sleeper cars.

In a sleeper car, the surprise factor is the most important factor. A sleeper-ricer car is a car that is deliberately made in the style of a ricer but turns out to have high engine performance. This makes people underestimate the car that looks ricer and thought the car was a tacky boy. Even though the car is equipped with a fierce engine.

This type of sleeper car is usually deliberately dressed as a ricer style like decorated with a sticker for Need for Speed ​​Underground, using neon lights (underglow / underbody) or even deliberately using a tacky custom bodykit.

The Purpose of Making a Sleeper Car

The reason people make these sleeper cars are as follows.

  1. Some people prefer performance without people’s attention or attention.
  2. Some other people make sleeper cars to get people’s attention. Because the sleeper car is unique and surprising so its presence is sometimes even more highlighted than a sports car.
  3. In racing car competitions, sleepers are often used to lure and trick opponents into the Batman trap haha. This purpose is mainly used in racing with betting or gambling.
  4. In limited budget conditions, people make sleepers to get performance by building a standard car or an old car into a big powered car.
  5. Some people make a sleeper car with excuses or excitement. Like turning a family car or an old car into a sleeper car. Sometimes this car becomes an additional collection in their car garage.
  6. Some people do like the performance of the engine (tuner). They will modify all their car engines, even though their car is a family car.

Build a Sleeper Car

Here are some tips or information that should be known to build a sleeper car.

  1. The most effective way to modify a car into a sleeper car is through an engine swap
  2. In addition, you can also add a turbocharger or supercharger system to your car’s engine. Although not all standard machines (NA) are able / able to withstand the burden of this modification.
  3. The shock factor of the sleeper car is the most important factor. The more people do not expect, the more sleeper our car hehe. Based on this, many people build sleepers from family cars, economy cars or old cars.
  4. In a car sleeper the appearance of the car is made as standard as possible. This is done by not using an additional bodykit, using standard wheels, removing car performance badges, or sometimes even deliberately driving a car with rust so that it looks like a rickety car.
  5. Car modification was hidden. For example hiding an intercooler  for a turbo engine, hiding the gauge on the dashboard, using a silent hi-power muffler performance exhaust , not using a BOV on a turbo engine, and others.

Detecting Car Sleeper

How do you recognize a wolf in sheep’s clothing? ha ha

To recognize a sleeper car that hides its power can be done in several ways including the following.

  1. Note the intercooler in the car. Although generally this intercooler is hidden / hidden.
  2. Note the display gauge / indicator (gauge) or controller on the car’s interior. Back as an intercooler, electronic devices to monitor engine or turbo performance are usually hidden.
  3. Watch the brakes of the car. High acceleration engined cars need a good braking system. Usually this is seen from the larger size of the disc brake.
  4. Pay attention to car tires and suspensions. Cars with high engine performance are usually accompanied by wide tires and low suspension (stance) .
  5. Listen to the sound of the engine. Although sleepers sometimes use a silent hi-power muffler , the sound of a high performance engine will still sound different from a standard engine.

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