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When Toyota and Daihatsu are Busy to Fulfill Rush-Terios Requests

Cars – Toyota and Daihatsu are known to be busy taking care of all Rush-Terios requests. Since releasing the all new model at the end of 2017, slowly the demand for this SUV has increased. Not only domestic, but also from abroad. When Toyota and Daihatsu are busy fulfilling Rush-Terios requests …

Reporting from Detik.com (10/14/2019), actually both Rush and Terios are produced by Toyota. But along with the increasing demand, Daihatsu is now also producing these two SUVs.

The reason is that the factory located in Sunter has a limited production capacity. So finally Terios-Rush was produced at the Daihatsu factory in Karawang.

Daihatsu’s factory can produce up to 14 thousand Terios and Rush units. While for each year it reaches 200 thousand units. So it seems good to divide the work for each factory so that all requests are fulfilled.

Indeed, Toyota and Daihatsu produced each other from their models. One of them, Avanza-Xenia, both produced by Toyota. LMPV requests are also quite a lot, like Terios-Rush.

Export demand for Terios-Rush has now increased to 240 percent. Of course, that is a very large number. It seems like many consumers outside Indonesia like this car.

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