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Why Do People Hate Honda Cars?

Honda cars are one of the most popular car brands in the world. The sweet design of the car coupled with the reliability of Japanese engines and affordable prices make many people choose to buy the car.

European cars with its flagship trio, BMW, Benz and Audi almost always have beautiful and charming exterior designs. Now, for Asian car manufacturers, if we pay attention and compare with other brands, indeed Honda is a brand that rarely fails in designing its cars. Previously we talked about ugly cars for sale in Indonesia . There isn’t a single type of Honda car in the review.

Then why do people hate Honda cars?

In the development of the world of cars, especially car culture abroad. Whether it’s through YouTube, car community forums or other media, we will find stereotypes of Honda cars as cars that people don’t like. This perception is like a dogma, over time can be contagious and affect the views of others.

If we see, it’s simple on Google. We can get hundreds or even more pictures of memes about the allusions to Honda. Just look at keyword search results like ” honda meme “.

In this review we will discuss the reasons why Honda cars get negative perceptions for some car enthusiasts. Hopefully we can protect ourselves from negative views without knowing the origins hehe.

Let’s just start.

FWD Drive System

Front Wheel Drive or abbreviated FWD is a car drive system using the front wheel. Generally this system is found in economical and conventional cars. The main reason is because the FWD system allows energy efficiency from the engine that is directly connected and drives the front wheels of the car. Besides building a FWD car is not as complicated as building a car with a rear wheel drive (RWD) or a whole wheel drive (AWD / 4WD).

So what’s wrong with FWD on Honda cars?

Because FWD is identical to the economic image , plus the stability and handling of FWD cars is indeed not as good as RWD or AWD cars. In addition, the FWD system car also cannot maneuver racing such as drifting.

Aren’t there a lot of other brand cars that use FWD drive systems?

Right. However, other brands also have a series of performance cars with RWD or AWD drive types. We’ll see like the Toyota Supra, Toyota MR2, Nissan Silvia, Nissan Skyline, Mitsubishi Lan-EVO, and others. Whereas at Honda most cars use FWD drive. Even for popular performance series such as the Civic Type-R, until now it still uses the FWD drive system. Indeed, Honda has an NSX and S2000 with RWD drive system, but the amount is small compared to other types of Honda to make FWD remains identical to Honda.

Bad Modification

Having a cool car is the dream of most car enthusiasts. For young people, this cool car is synonymous with modern and or racing style cars. As mentioned before, Honda has a modern and sporty exterior design. Plus the price is quite affordable. That is why this car is often the first choice for young people.

Like young people, of course most do not have the experience and knowledge in the correct modification. In addition, they are also often constrained by a limited budget. This is what makes them often make  modifications to their Honda cars. The most frequently encountered is replacing the muffler (exhaust) with a large exhaust that makes the car sound like a lawn mower. There is also a large rear wing installed (wing) like a race car. Some other stickers include decal performance parts of race cars to make it look like a car in the game Need for Speed ​​Underground or the movie  Fast Furious .

This is what makes Honda cars synonymous with abysmally modified . Or another term is  ricer . In the world of car culture, one of the stereotypes of ricer cars is the Honda Civic.

Childish driver

Still connecting with the previous point. Honda which is identical with young people also gives an immature or childish image to Honda cars. In addition to dressing their cars in a ricer style, they also often perform unsettling actions or attitudes.

The action was mainly due to the enthusiasm of the young soul that was not accompanied by knowledge and experience. For example, doing burnout carelessly; not in the right conditions and timing, driving speeding that does not consider the safety of the surroundings, grunts exhaust as big as lodongnya, and other actions.


Excessive love sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable. Especially if you think that what you like is the most powerful while others are ugly. Often encountered by Honda car enthusiasts who glorify Honda cars and demean other cars.

Blind fanaticism is also the cause of Honda car enthusiasts less favored by other car enthusiasts. Like for example exaggerating the performance of VTEC without knowing for sure whether and how VTEC is. This is what gave rise to the term and meme “VTEC just kicked in yo!”, Which was a mockery for Honda fanatics.

Strangely, I’ve seen fans of Honda cars using T-shirts that read “VTEC just kicked in yo!”. Yet as far as I know, this term is a joke or ridicule of people for Honda car enthusiasts. Miris also saw it. Indeed, the phrase was originally a statement from Honda fans who were proud of VTEC’s performance. However, that phrase has now turned into a negative insinuation towards Honda fanatics. We can find various video compilations or memes “VTEC just kicked in yo!” Which contains Honda cars speeding but instead crashing or breaking.

Thus the review this time. For those of you whose favorite cars are Honda, don’t be too discouraged. Generally, the mockery of Honda is just a joke. Car enthusiasts usually like to joke around and indeed the joke of Honda is only a joke to just have fun. Likewise, the stereotype of the Mustang car is often cited as a car that likes to hit people . Even if someone considers the joke something serious, maybe the person is not wise and lack picnic hehe.

In conclusion, Honda was hated by some because it was mainly due to its drivers or users. Yes if we did keukeuh still want to hate, or toned down a bit; “Less like”. Then point to the owner, not to the car. Hate the owner, not the car .

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