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Why is Driving a Car at Night So Fun?

For some people, driving a car at night is a very fun activity. There is something magical, a deep feeling when driving a car at night.

Of course the night we mean is not a night that is still full of vehicles.

Tonight here is the early morning time or rather at 12 pm and above. At this time the road will be a quiet, calm atmosphere with cool night air. Not to mention the panorama of beautiful street lights and music as a background trip.

Not surprisingly, many people consider driving a night car a relaxation, a therapy, an escape ritual.

“Happiness is … driving alone at night.”

When people start sleeping soundly, there are some people who go to his car, start it and go out to enjoy the beauty of late night driving .

In this review we will discuss the reasons why driving a car at night can be so fun. We have discussed a little above, but let’s discuss more detailed.

Before we begin, for an overview of driving a night car we first watch the cool video below.

How, very charming is not it?

Let’s start the review.


Imagine the atmosphere of urban streets during the day. The road is jammed with vehicles, people passing by, motorbikes milling about, horns, hot, hot air.

Feels very tired and tiring right?

The atmosphere of the night (early) day is the opposite of daytime. Quiet streets with attractive night lights. No honking and jamming. There is no hurry. A serene atmosphere will make us forget for a moment all matters or problems in our lives.

Want to be more serene?

Go a little out of the urban area. We will find a calmer atmosphere. More silence will be felt. We can even hear the sound of our tires passing through the leaves or asphalt roads.

Different Scenes and Experiences

Although we have often passed a road. At night, the road will feel different. We will see another version of urban streets.

Street lamp poles that lined the road, moon shining through the clouds, and city lights from the settlement. The whole world lay silent and speechless. The distant city looks beautiful at night.

It feels like we’re in a different dimension than during the daytime.

Evenings will sometimes surprise us with something unique and different. We can find new things that we do not encounter during the day. Call it like a market activity that starts life at dawn, culinary traders who only appear at night or even up to women at night hehe.

” Sometimes, the best therapy is a long drive and music”

Sound and music

Urban at night has an impressive sound. The sound of the city at night has a different and calming character. The sound of the night wind blows plus the occasional sound of passing vehicles has a different soul compared to the sound of urban daytime.

Night sound ambience can also be very suitable as background for our favorite songs. Both can be combined to form a beautiful strains of tone.

The conditions, yes the volume and type of music do not be too frightening. Later at night the urban noise is not heard.

The choice of genre or type of song to hear while driving a car every night is different. The variations are very diverse, so they are not fixed on just one type of music genre.

As for myself, I like the late night drive music  , which is as follows. Please click on the link in each type of music to listen to examples on Youtube.

Driving a car at night is one of the best moments to listen to a song. For a complete list of songs driving the night car, we can see in this review article .


The night air is one of the reasons why driving a night car is so much fun. At night the air feels far more friendly than during the daytime. The air is cool and the wind that blows feels fresh and relief.

That is why the term “looking for wind” or going out for a refreshing walk is often done at night.

It seems that people rarely say that they are looking for wind when it is blazing hot.

Driving a car at night is recommended to occasionally open a window and feel the refreshing night breeze. The surrounding scenery is more clearly seen to be enjoyed. The window is opened all the time, it’s fine, as long as you are careful in the wind hehe.

The night air also has a different fragrance. Especially after the rain. The air feels fresh and free of exhaust odors, especially in urban areas that are still beautiful and lots of trees.

“Drive slow and enjoy the scenery – drive fast and join the scenery” – Douglas Horton

High Speed ​​Driving aka Speeding

Previously, we discussed some reviews about speeding . Now speeding on the most comfortable and “safest” streets is done at night.

When we drive a vehicle, we will feel  thrill of speed , an overflowing adrenaline sensation. Not to mention when driving a car at high speed, we can feel the real power and performance of our car.

However, moments like that are rather difficult for us to feel. Maybe not a little, but it’s really difficult. It must have crossed why. That’s right, because our roads are very crowded and often jammed. Even if there are quiet, suburban or mountainous areas for example, the road is mostly narrow and potholes.

Driving a car at night other than as a moment of mental refreshment and reflection, can also be used for adrenaline-stimulating moments. Yes, just step on the gas once in a while, the rest return to enjoy the enchanting night trip.

The Beauty of Enjoying Dawn

Driving at night before dawn at 3 or 4 in the morning will bring us to the end of the adventure with a very beautiful.

The evening journey will end with the beauty of the dawn which opens the beginning of a new day.

The sky slowly changes its color from dark to blue. Soon the orange light appeared and the birds cheered for a new, more beautiful day. Watching the sunrise at the end of a night car driving trip is a rejuvenating experience!

Before going home, do not forget to bury first hehe.

Thus the review this time. How are some of you who also like to drive cars at night? Of course there are still other reasons why driving a night car is so much fun.

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